【Shopping】Japan limited product! A collaboration product of Snoopy and LeSportsac has been released.

LeSportsac has introduced a collaboration collection with peanuts from Wednesday, January 15th. Available in Japan at all LeSportsac stores.

Featuring early peanuts from 60 to 70’s

This collaboration focuses on Peanuts’ initial work, which will celebrate the 70th anniversary of his birth in 2020. Under the theme of “Vintage PEANUTS”, some nostalgic bags drawn with the art of Snoopy and his friends, drawn in the 60’s and 70’s, will be deployed.

Left) Small Deluxe Haley Tote, 17,500 yen + Tax / Right) Deluxe Haley Tote, 19,500 yen + Tax

Peanut comic strip

The focus is on the Peanut Comic Strip, a patchwork arrangement of eight scenes from the peanuts comics of the 1960s and 1970s. It features a unique design that gives a glimpse of the casual life of Snoopy and Charlie Brown from the printed pattern. The colors are unified with a dull color tone for a vintage-like look. Boston bags, mini-sized shoulder bags, cosmetic pouches and more will be available.

From left) Small Jenny, 13,500 yen + Tax / Medium Weekender, 18,000 yen + Tax
Right) Extra Large Rectangular Cosmetic 5,600 yen + Tax

Peanut all star

“Peanuts All Star” is a collection of 14 characters that appeared in original peanuts from the 60’s and 70’s. It is finished in a fun print with the name of each character. The lineup includes crossbody bags, Boston bags, and cosmetic pouches.

From Left) Charlie crossbody, 9500 yen + Tax / Cosmetic clutch 3,600 yen + Tax / Harper bag 18,000 yen + Tax

Tote & bag to enjoy different designs

Depending on the arrangement, bags and pouches with different designs will appear. If you remove the external zipper pocket, you will be able to sell a special tote bag with a two-way design that shows different patterns of Snoopy and woodstock, and a special pouch with a different design on the front and back.

Rectangular cosmetic 3,700 yen + Tax / Square cosmetics 3,500 yen +Tax


LeSportsac x Peanuts

【Release Date】January 15, 2020 (Wed)
【Stores】All LeSportsac stores, official online store