【Shopping】Shiseido×Frozen collaboration! Limited cosmetics have been released.

“Frozen” is the sympathy of Ana and Elsa who are trying to live as they are. The latest movie “Frozen2” will be released worldwide on Friday, November 22nd. In line with this release, Shiseido will launch a limited number of 20 products and 25 varieties of limited-edition products from five brands: Snow Beauty, d Program, Senka, Integrate, and Maquillage (Some are already on sale). Here are three types of limited-edition eyeshadow, eyeliner, and rouge that were released on November 21 (Thu).

Three mode changes for the eyes! Eye shadow that can change the texture.

This limited edition product was created based on the concept of “BeDifferent, BeTogether,” a message that recognizes differences in personality and supports women who shine together, like Ana and Elsa in the movie. First of all, we will introduce the “Triple Recipe Eyes F2” that integrates 3 impressions with one eye.

Available in two colors: violet and orange brown.

Set with 3 basic gradation colors (palette left side) and 2 types of texture change powder (palette right side) that fit your eyes.

If the texture change powder is turned on on top of the basic gradation color, it can be changed into three modes: office mode, outing mode, and night play mode.

The nice point is that the beautiful finish without dullness and fading will last.

Eye shadow is already sold out at EC shop. Get it as soon as you find it!

Close contact, hard to fall all day! Clear gel liner.

Next up is “Integrated Snipe Gel Liner F2.”

The soothing color of “Graige Brown” is easy to match with any eye shadow! Because it is an ultra-fine 2mm core type, you can finish the eyelashes and delicate lines by creating a striking eye. It is also convenient for the waterproof type!

Pearl sparkles! Rouge born in beauty oil.

Finally, Maquillage’s “Dramatic Rouge EX F2”.
This is also available in two colors, very pink and reddish orange. The very pink is Elsa’s package design and the reddish orange is Ana’s package design.

A moist lip formulated with beauty oil, perfect for this dry season! And most of all, this point is where you can manipulate the impression from pure to adult depending on how you paint! Applying a quick coat on your lips will give you a pure impression, and if you spread it all over your lips, it will make you feel like an adult.

This item is already sold out at EC Shop. If you want, hurry to a drugstore or Shiseido!


INTEGRATE Frozen limited design cosmetics
MAQUILLAGE Frozen limited design cosmetics

【Release date】November 21, 2019
【Stores】Shiseido and drug stores nationwide