【Shopping Features】 In the spring of 2022, women’s wallets, easy-to-use tri-fold mini wallets and fashionable bi-fold wallets from popular brands

In the spring of 2022, why not try a new wallet at this time of the new year? Now that mini bags have become a trend, we will deliver new wallets that suppress the trend, such as mini wallets that are attracting attention and easy-to-use tri-fold wallets, that will appear in the 2022 resort collection and spring / summer collection of popular brands.

Luxury brand mini wallet that will be “a lifetime”

Louis Vuitton Women’s Wallet-A Good Harvest Monogram Pattern in Spring Leather

From LOUIS VUITTON, there are plenty of brightly colored ladies’ wallets that will enhance your spring mood just by picking them up. Introducing the Portofeuil Capsine XS, which features vivid color blocks, the Portofeuil Claire, which adds stitch details to the monogram pattern, and the Zippy Coin Purse, a color inspired by neon lights.

Portofeuil Claire 130,900 yen

Dior Women’s Wallet-Pale Tone Where Popular Wallets Bring Spring

From DIOR’s 2022 resort collection, there are plenty of new works that are perfect for spring. Look out for the Lady Dior mini wallet with “Canage” stitching to praise the Maison’s code, and the “Saddle” series bi-fold wallet inspired by the horse saddle.

68,200 yen

Bvlgari Women’s Wallet-A jewelry-inspired flower print wallet

From BVLGARI, you can see a Japanese limited wallet with an exceptionally gorgeous flower print inspired by icon jewelry. The mini wallet with the “Bulgari Bulgari” logo clip has ample storage capacity such as a card slot and coin purse. A long wallet is also available.

“Bulgari Bulgari” wallet grain calf (W19 x H9 x D3 cm) 86,900 yen
“Bulgari Bulgari” mini wallet grain calf (W9.5 x H7.5 x D3.5 cm) 64,900 yen
Shelly silk (W5 x L120cm) 22,000 yen

Brand wallet that can be purchased for less than 30,000 yen

MICHAEL Michael Kors Women’s Wallet-Mini Wallet with MK Logo

MICHAEL Michael Kors’ tri-fold wallet “JET SET CHARM Trifold Envelope Medium” has an elegant envelope-shaped design and an elegant silver “MK logo”. It is easy to use because it organizes bills and coins compactly and is not bulky in a bag.

JET SET CHARM Trifold Envelope Medium 19,800 Yen

An Ever Ladies Wallet-Wallet with “Camellia & Tulip” Motif

Check out the first leather accessory of the brand “An Ever” by ANREALAGE designer Kunihiko Morinaga and Onward Kashiyama. I designed camellia and tulips for the leather wallet. Acrylic parts that contain dried flowers are used for the fastener strap of the coin purse.

“Camelia wallet” 23,100 yen

Compact wallet & card holder recommended for minimalists

DELVAUX Women’s Wallet-Spring Color “D” Compact Wallet

From DELVAUX, we have picked up a compact wallet “Pan D Multifonctions” in the shape of the initial “D” of the brand name. With a convenient leather wrist strap, zipper, inner pocket, etc., it is good to use it like an accessory.

Pin D Multifonctions 77,000 yen

Loewe Women’s Wallet-Red Anagram Jacquard Coin Card Holder

From LOEWE, we have picked up new items from the Valentine’s limited collection that can be used for spring. With four card slots and a zippered coin compartment, the card holder is easy to use every day and is a great gift.

Coin card holder (Jacquard & calf) 44,000 yen

BAO BAO ISSEY MIYAKE Women’s Wallet-Minimal Metal Color Wallet

The new color of the minimal wallet “CARD WALLET W COLOR”, which looks like a BAO BAO ISSEY MIYAKE card case, has an attractive two-tone metallic finish. With a clean structure, this item is recommended for card lovers.

CARD WALLET W COLOR(H85×W115mm) 19,800 yen

Women’s wallet with high quality leather brand

Il Bisonte Women’s Wallet-Pastel Color x Italian Leather Wallet

IL BISONTE has released a new work “Color Leather” with a positive spring mood. Pastel colors enhance your happy mood. The material is Italian leather, which has a natural texture and a smooth feel, and can be used for a long time.

Hender Scheme Ladies Wallet-Mini wallet to enjoy aging

Hender Scheme’s “Flap Wallet” is a bi-fold wallet made of wax leather that can be enjoyed over time. The opening and closing flap is integrated with the coin case and coin tray, so bills, cards, and coins can be stored compactly. Not only women but also men can use it as a gift.

Flap wallet 22,000 yen each