【Shopping / Online Shopping】 Easy to make hot sake on the table at Nonbei Yokocho.

Feel like an authentic izakaya at home… The hot water heating system makes sake taste better. Mituya Denki has released the NBE-1, a sake warmer that easily warms tokkuri (sake bottle) and cups of sake with hot water.

It’s easy to get the best hot sake on the table!

The electric sake warmer “Nobee Yokocho” is a hot water warmer that can be used on the table. There’s no need to transfer sake to a special container, so you can use your favorite sake bottle.

You don’t need to transfer the sake to a special container like you do with conventional sake warmers, and you can use your favorite Toku as is. You can also set the temperature to match the way you drink or the meal you’re having, so you can keep your sake at the perfect temperature for drinking at night.

There are three modes: lukewarm, warm, and hot. You can also set the temperature in a range of 35 to 59 degrees Celsius. The temperature can be set to any temperature between 35 and 59 degrees Celsius, so you can enjoy it according to the type of sake and your preference.

Another convenient feature is that you can heat up a cup of sake straight from the bottle.
This means you don’t have to go to the trouble of preparing a sake tokuro (sake bottle) or inokuchi (sake cup).


Sake warmers, Nonbei Yokocho

【Manufacturer’s suggested retail price】 8,000 yen
【Rated voltage】 100V 50/60Hz
【Power consumption】 200w
【Size】 Approximate width 125×Au 125×H 140mm
【Weight】 Approx. 500g
【Store】 Online Store (Rakuten, Amazon, Yahoo! Shopping)

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