【Shopping Spot Information♪】 Tennoji Mio is undergoing a major renovation.

Tennoji Mio, one of the largest shopping centers in Osaka’s Tennoji and Abeno areas, has undergone a major renovation and will open about 60 stores between February and April 2021.

【Fashion】 Osaka’s first and Tennoji area’s first popular store

In the fashion category, seven stores, including KEEN, will open for the first time in the area. Esperanza” and “ANAP” will open new stores, and popular brands such as “EMODA” and “SLY” will relocate and reopen in existing stores.

Grapefruit Moon, a vintage clothing and vintage store, has been renovated as Top of the Hill and opened for the first time in Osaka, offering vintage clothing, accessories and bags from Europe and the U.S. from the 1960s to the 1970s.

【Food & Sweets】 More To-Go stores.

On the first floor of the main building and the first floor of the plaza building, which are directly connected to Tennoji Station, many takeout stores for food and sweets will be opened. Jiichiro,” popular for its moist and fluffy baumkuchen, and “Fruit Tart Delice,” a popular fruit tart specialty store, will open their first stores in the area.

Fruit Tart, Delice

You can’t miss “Gyumeshiya Yusaburo,” a new type of bento and prepared food restaurant supervised by “Yuzaburo,” a restaurant in Kitano, Kobe where you can’t get a reservation, and “Grandir,” a bakery store from Kyoto that will open for the first time in the area. In addition, a total of seven new and renovated restaurants will open on the station chika floor, including “Kohaku,” a French and oden restaurant, and “Furano Kitchen,” a Hokkaido cuisine specialty restaurant.

Gyumeshiya Yusaburo

【Cosmetics】 Laline opens for the first time in the area, and Cosme Kitchen is renovated.

In the cosmetics category, “Laline” will open its first store in the area, and “Cosme Kitchen” will reopen.

Right Picture) Laline

New area “Mio Garden Terrace” is born

The “Mio Garden Terrace,” a resting area, has been created in the external passage on the south side of the first floor of the main building. Visitors can relax and enjoy boxed lunches and sweets purchased in the museum.


Tennoji Mio: Large-scale renovation in spring 2021

【Renewal Period】 February – April 2021
【Address】 10-39 Hidenin-cho, Tennoji-ku, Osaka City, Osaka
【Number of New and Renewal Stores】 60 Stores