【Sooo Cute!】 Baskin-Robins has a limited time offer on their limited edition Hinamatsuri ice cream!


Baskin-Robbins will release “Mickey & Minnie / Hinadan Kazari (display of dolls in a gallery)” for Hinamatsuri (Dolls’ Festival) for a limited time only from February 15, 2022 (Tue) to March 3, 2022 (Thu).

Mickey and Minnie as Emperor doll and Empress doll!

For the Doll’s Festival, Baskin-Robbins has released a cute ice cream with Mickey and Minnie motifs. Ribbon chocolates, Hinamatsuri plates, and cherry blossom motifs are also decorated to represent Hinadan Kazari.

The set comes with five small-sized ice creams, and you can choose your favorite flavor. The Mickey and Minnie boxes are decorated with bright red hinadan, so you can enjoy the look of real hinadan decorations just by putting the ice cream together.

“Mickey & Minnie / Hina Dan Decorations” 1,850 yen


Baskin & Robbins Mickey & Minnie / Hina Dan Decorations

【Sales Period】 Feb. 15 (Tue) – Mar. 3 (Thu), 2022 *Sales end as soon as they are gone.
【Store】 Baskin-Robbins across the country

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