【Souvenir Idea】”Super Mario” block and mushroom-shaped chocolate trays and clay tube muffin cups are on sale!

Silicone tray set

Introducing the “Silicon Tray Set,” which can make chocolate for Super Mario blocks and items. Nintendo’s “Super Mario Home & Party” merchandise includes kitchen accessories that are perfect for those who want to give homemade sweets to Valentine. The “Silicon Tray Set” is a silicon tray with motifs of items such as blocks, mushrooms and stars that appear in “Super Mario”. Pour the melted chocolate and cool it down to complete the chocolate with the motif that appears during the game.

Muffin cup

We also recommend the “Muffin Cup,” which depicts clay pipes and hatena blocks. A colorful pick of Mario and Luigi is attached to the clay pipe, and a super mushroom and 1UP mushroom are picked to the hatena block. Pour the dough into a heat-resistant “muffin cup” and stab a pick on the baked cake to recreate the scene where Mario pops out of the clay pipe or mushrooms appear from the hatena block.

Party items

In addition, there are many other items that make confectionery fun, such as an apron depicting scenes during the game, a potholder and pan bedding with Yoshi as a motif.

Pot holder & pan spreader (Yoshi) / (Mizuiro Yoshi) 2,500 yen each plus tax

Mug cover (Mario / Luigi) 2,800 yen each plus tax


“Super Mario Home & Party” goods

【Release Time】Now on Sale
【Stores】My Nintendo Store, Nintendo TOKYO, Life miscellaneous goods stores nationwide, consumer electronics mass retailers, major e-store (Amazon), etc.
【Store in Osaka】Animate Osaka Nihonbashi store, Kiddy Land LaLaport EXPOCITY, Joshin (Izumi Chuo store, Otori store, Kishiwada store, Komyoike Store, Super Kids Land Main Store, Super Denden Land,
Sennan Aeon Mall, Dainichi Aeon Mall, Discpier Nihonbashi store, Hineno Aeon Mall), Tokyu Hands Umeda Store, Hakuhinkan TOY PARK Kansai Airport Store, Bic Camera Namba Store, Yodobashi Camera Multimedia Umeda, Abeno Loft, Umeda Loft, Namba Loft