【Special Issue】13 recommended breakfast restaurants in Osaka! Introduction from trends to secrets.

We introduced the breakfast at Gokan Kitahama Main Store … there are still many recommended breakfast spots in Osaka! So, here are the cafes and restaurants unique to Osaka where you can enjoy breakfast.


1)【Umeda】One-coin (500 yen) Breakfast with a sticky bread using water roux. Energy charge at Garb Monaque!

Grand Front Osaka is directly connected to Osaka Station. There is a building called “Umekita SHIP” in the “Umekita Plaza” in this area, and there is an all-day dining “Garb Monaque” on the first floor.

Inside the Garb Monarch, where the morning sunlight coming through the open view windows feels good

The popular menu in the morning is the Bread using water roux set of “Garb Monaque Morning” (500 yen including tax) which can be purchased with one coin. Bread using water roux made by kneading flour with hot water is a popular secret for its sticky feel and umami. There are not a few customers waiting for an open shop in front of the store, who are looking for breakfast.

“Garb Monaque Morning” (500 yen including tax)

Sweets are also popular, and “Angel Food Vanilla Caramel” is a dish that has fresh cream and caramel sauce on moist and fluffy dough with egg whites. It is fair-skinned like an “angel” and its photogenic appearance grabs the hearts of women. Plenty of high-quality fresh cream has a faint smell of hidden brandy, and when you put it in your mouth, you will have a blissful moment! From 10:00 to 19:00, you can get “Enark Food Vanilla Caramel” and “Monarch Sweets Set”, which is a discount of 200 yen for your favorite drink.

Right) “Angel Food Vanilla Caramel (500 yen plus tax)”,
Left) Terrine Chocolate (600 yen plus tax), “Earl Gray Pot” (500 yen plus tax)

On a sunny day, it’s a good idea to sit down on the terrace where you can admire the stylish building and enjoy the breakfast. Spend a moment in the morning when the voltage is likely to rise in the gentle light of Garb Monaque.

“Umekita SHIP” designed with the image of a ship


Garb Monaque

【Hour (Breakfast)】7:00-10:00
【Address】4-1 Ofukacho, Kita-ku, Osaka Grand Front Umekita Plaza 1F
【Regular close day】Irregular (Same as Grand Front Osaka)
【WEB】 https://www.garbmonaque.com/

2)【Umeda】100 kinds of breakfast buffet at “Hotel Granvia Osaka” directly connected to Osaka Station.

At Fleuv, Granvia Osaka, a hotel with a reputation for breakfast, you can enjoy 100 different flavors of French restaurants and Japanese restaurants managed directly by the hotel. The colorful French deli is a real taste like a course appetizer. The Japanese food menu offered by Japanese restaurants has many fans for many years with a delicate taste that values ​​the flavor of the ingredients, and the expectations for both Western and Japanese foods will increase in front of them.

100 kinds of breakfast buffet can enjoy Western food, Japanese food and Osaka menu
2,520 yen

The chef bake in front of you, the fluffy “ order omelet ” has a range of ingredients from staple ingredients such as ham and cheese to local menus such as stewed streaks, and you can choose the seasoning of eggs from Western style or Japanese style.

You can choose western or Japanese style of egg taste for ordering omlet.

Matsusaka Ham, which won the gold prize at a global trade fair, is a recommended product of the hotel where the taste of aged peach meat spreads in the mouth. Select mineral water also. The mellow spring water of Nose Mountain, the northernmost town in Osaka, seems to feel the breath of the mountain while in the city.

“Matsusaka Ham” won the gold prize for 4 consecutive years at a world trade fair

The variety of menus at the first-class hotels and their authentic tastes are based on ingredients unique to Osaka, and the tastes and lids are different. The view is excellent because it is on the 19th floor. Start your day with a buffet breakfast where you can enjoy high-class service while overlooking Osaka city.

Excellent access directly to JR Osaka Station


French Restaurant, Fleuve

【Price】2,800 yen (includes tax)
【Hour (Breakfast)】7:00-9:30
【Location】19th floor of Hotel Granvia Osaka
【Address】3-1-1 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi
【Regular close day】 None
【WEB】 https://www.granvia-osaka.jp/stay/breakfast/

3)【Umeda】Fusion of Osaka and Italian food! A unique and delicious breakfast buffet at “Verde Cassa”.

The Umekita zone, which spreads north of Osaka Station, is an area where nature is vivid and attracts attention. This is the store on the first floor of Hotel Vischio Osaka, which has a chic exterior in this comfortable space. Verde Cassa is an Italian kitchen with a popular breakfast buffet under the theme of “Osaka and Italy”.

Popular here are the standard Japanese-Western buffet and the menu that mixes the “powder culture” between Osaka and Italy. Produced by Hotel Granvia Osaka, the fun elements are scattered throughout the authentic taste.

The original “Vischio Pinsa”, which is made from kneaded rice flour and soy flour, has become a healthy signboard menu. There are unique menus such as “Osaka Pinsa” topped with takoyaki ingredients such as octopus and red ginger, “Osaka Galette” which looks like okonomiyaki, “Doletaki style Bolognese”. Many of the menus created by the fusion of Italian and Osaka cultures are of a quality that combines the charms of the two lands. Please enjoy the breakfast that can only be enjoyed in Osaka!

In addition, it is not a buffet style, but this restaurant also has a halal breakfast set!


Italian Kitchen, Verde Cassa

【Buffet Price】2,200 yen (includes tax)
【Hour (Breakfast)】7:00-10:00
【Location】1st floor of Hotel Visvhio Osaka
【Address】2-4-10 Shibata, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi
【Regular close day】 None
【WEB】 https://www.hotelvischio-osaka.jp/restaurant/vc/breakfast/

4)【Umeda】Feel like a New Yorker! Enjoy “now” in NY at “The City Bakery UMEDA”.

“The City Bakery UMEDA” is a bakery cafe located on the first basement floor of Umekita Plaza in Grand Front Osaka. You can buy bread from The City Bakery, which opened in New York in 1990, and pretzel croissants and chocolate brownies, which are popular in New York, are made with local flavors as much as possible.

In-store products can be eat-in as well as take-out. From 7:30 am to 11:00 am, you can order a one-plate breakfast menu with toasts and salads. On the 7th floor of the south wing of Grand Front Osaka, there is a restaurant “City Bakery @ Brasserie Rubin” produced by “The City Bakery”, where you can eat freshly baked bread with dishes that express the “now” of New York. There is no breakfast here, but lunch is recommended.


The City Bakery, Umeda

【Hour (Breakfast)】7:30-11:00
【Location】Grand Front Osaka Umekita Plaza B1F
【Address】4-1 Ofuka-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi
【Phone】 06-6359-2010
【Regular close day】 Irregular (same as Grand Front Osaka)
【WEB】 http://www.thecitybakery.jp/top.html

5)【Umeda】One coin breakfast while watching Mercedes Benz.
A rich breakfast at “DOWNSTAIRS COFFEE”.

“Knowledge Capital” is a “place for intellectual creation and exchange” of various people in the north building of Grand Front Osaka. There is “DOWNSTAIRS COFFEE” in the Mercedes-Benz showroom on this ground floor.

“DOWNSTAIRS COFFEE” opened as a “brand information dissemination base combining cars and cafes.” While watching the luxury car Mercedes-Benz up close, you can eat a breakfast with a hot dog, salad and drink with one coin (500 yen).

With the first Asian champion at the Latte Art World Championship, Hiroshi Sawada is also a drink producer, so the quality of coffee and latte art is a must-see. It is also recommended to spend a rich breakfast time at “DOWNSTAIRS COFFEE”, which is full of luxury and openness.


“Down Stairs Coffee”

【Hour (Breakfast)】9:00-11:00
【Location】Grand Front Osaka Knowledge Capital 1st floor
【Address】4-1 Ofuka-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi
【Phone】 06- 6359-1780
【Regular Close day】According to Grand Front Knowledge Capital
【WEB】 https://www.mercedesme.jp/cafe_restaurant/

6)【Umeda】Enjoy deep Osaka from morning! Enjoy a cheap set meal at Osakaya!

Shin Umeda Shokudo-gai is a spot where a variety of restaurants are gathered around a long-established pub.

Shin-Umeda Shokudo-gai has a long-established izakaya, Osakaya, which is open from 7 am, and is famous for its 300 yen breakfast set including rice, raw eggs, miso soup and takuan. A spot where a variety of restaurants are gathered around. Many people come to the restaurant to set meals this morning, and it seems that they may become full just after opening. Being able to eat delicious breakfast at a low price may be a charm like Osaka. Of course, it is possible to order sake from the morning because it is a pub. If you want to fully enjoy the deep Osaka atmosphere, visit Osakaya, which is loved by locals.



【Hour (Breakfast)】7:00-
【Location】1st floor of Shinumeda shokudogai
【Address】9 Kakudacho, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi
【Phone】 06- 6361-4881
【Regular Close Day】Open year round
【WEB】 http://umetoyo.com/osakaya/

7)【Kitahama】Finest bread and vegetable dishes. Michelin’s chef’s policy is “Vegetable gastronomy.”
“Pain KARATO Boulangerie Cafe”

“Pain KARATO Boulangerie Café” opened in Kitahama with the support of “Parigot”, a French restaurant owner with a Michelin star, awarded at the World Bread Competition.

Crispy and fragrant croissants made with French fermented butter (320 yen plus tax) are a standard and popular item. On the other hand, “Vegetable Beauty Bread” made of soy butter and vegetable syrup is a dairy-free bread that is moist and delicious even when eaten as it is. The chef’s spirit is “vegetable gastronomy” that brings out the umami and deliciousness of ingredients using cooking techniques. It is not only delicious but also made for the health of the eater.

In addition, the breakfast set with plenty of vegetables directly from the farm here is plenty of vegetables and you can choose your favorite bread and 693 yen!

The breakfast set with plenty of vegetables directly from the farm 693 yen (includes tax)

The carefully baked French toast is also popular. 900 yen


Pain KARATO Boulangerie

【Hour (Breakfast)】8:00-11:00
【Location】1st floor of The Royal Park Canvas Osaka
【Address】1-9-8 Kitahama, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi
【Phone】 06-6575-7540
【Regular Close day】Open year round
【WEB】 http://pain-karato.com/

8)【Kitahama】”NORTHSHORE Kitahama Store” where you can enjoy healthy breakfast using seasonal fruits and vegetables.

NORTHSHORE Kitahama is a riverside café located just a short walk from Kitahama Station on the subway Keihan. Based on the concept of “beauty and health,” you can eat breakfast that is full of seasonal fruits and vegetables.

A popular menu is sandwiches that use plenty of vegetables such as sprout, carrots and cucumbers. The cross section of the sandwich sandwiched with fresh vegetables is beautiful and has a high impact, so it’s going to be a perfect for Instagram. From 7 am to 9 am, you can order a toast, salad, and a breakfast menu with fruits on one plate.



【Hour (Breakfast)】7:00-11:00
【Location】2nd floor of Bilma Building
【Address】1-1-28 Kitahama, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi
【Regular Close day】Unknown

9)【Tenmabashi】The leading role of breakfast is toasted toast! Immerse yourself in nostalgia at “Cafe Tokiona”.

Tokiona is a word in the Basque language that means a pleasant place or a place where sweets lovers gather. “Cafe Tokiona”, which bears the word in its name, is a shop with a nostalgic atmosphere based on the concept of a space that invites nostalgia.

The breakfast menu limited to 7 am to 10 am is served mainly by a 5 cm thick slice of bread from the affiliated store COBATO836. It is said that most of the toast is complete because the toast has a soft, light texture, not to mention the impact.

The menu includes orthodox butter, pizza toast and mayo toast, but the recommended one is “Honey Lemon Toast”. The exquisite balance of sweetness and saltiness is the reason for its popularity. Soak up the nostalgia and spend the morning at Cafe Tokiona, surrounded by wonderful furnishings, including wallpaper and antique furniture from Belgium.


Cafe Tokiona

【Hour (Breakfast)】7:00-
【Address】1-12-19 Tenjinbashi, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi
【Phone】 06-6355-1117
【Regular Close Day】Unknown

10)【Tamatsukuri】”Morning rice gruel set” at the owner’s Japanese café “Kochikaze” trained in famous Japanese restaurant.

Kotikaze is a Japanese café located in a calm residential area of ​​Tamatsukuri. The owner is a woman who has trained at Nihonbashi’s famous Japanese restaurant “Fujihisa” for eight years, and opened a cousin who wanted to become more familiar with Japanese food and sweets.

A refreshing, light blue motorcycle is a sign of the shop!

The “Morning rice gruel set” of the breakfast menu is a body-friendly item with six kinds of garnish made with seasonal ingredients. Sprinkle kudzu sauce with the ginger scent, which is made from bonito and kelp soup (Dashi), on the rice gruel, and your fatigue will be reset.

Gentle taste “Morning rice gruel set” (800 yen including tax)

Japanese sweets are also popular, and the rice-flour dumplings made after the order is placed are soft and soft. Sticky rice scent spreads in the mouth. “Soy milk pudding” white balls are cute and lovely, and they look great. They are all carefully made after ordering, “I want you to eat freshly made delicious food,” so I would like to visit and enjoy it in the morning when you can spend a relaxing time.

Hokkaido Red Bean “Ozenzai” with Hojicha (750 yen including tax)
“Soy milk pudding” made with dark soy milk (480 yen including tax)

Indeed, Osaka is a food town where you can enjoy the authentic taste of top-class cooking at a cafe with a friendly atmosphere. This is a stylish Japanese cafe where you can feel the spirit of a pure chef and a female owner who usually concentrates on cooking in the kitchen.

The shop is renovating a pre-war private house.



【Hour (Breakfast)】8:00-
【Address】2-22 Soryocho, Tennoji-ku, Osaka
【Regular Close Day】Irregular

11)【Honmachi】Resort feeling easily in the business district! Hawaiian breakfast at Kailua House.

Kailua House is a Hawaiian cafe located in Honmachi, one of Osaka’s leading business districts. In a stylish and open space, you can eat a Hawaiian breakfast with the keyword “eat real, eat local”.

The most popular breakfast is Egg Muffin, which uses sweet tomato jam as a secret ingredient. The bread and butter used for the breakfast menu are homemade and contain bacon, eggs, arugula and gruyere cheese, and the volume is perfect. Weekend limited mornings are available on weekends, so you can enjoy a delicious breakfast whenever you visit. Hawaiian coffee is also popular. You will surely be able to enjoy the resort feeling as if you were in Hawaii while in the business district.



【Hour (Breakfast)】Mon-Fri, 7:30- / Sat, Sun, Holiday 8:00-
【Address】3-2-14 Azuchicho, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi
【Regular Close Day】Irregular

12)【Horie】You will feel happy even on a busy morning. Freshly baked bread from “WEST WOOD BAKERS”.

“Westwood Bakers” in South Horie is a bakery cafe with the concept of “A little happiness on a busy morning”.

This bakery is as simple as possible to maximize the taste of the ingredients, and also pays attention to each process. Bread made with consideration for the kindness to the body because it can be put directly into the mouth, its charm is simple but authentic. In addition to to-go freshly baked bread, you can order a breakfast menu in the eat-in space.
You can order specialty coffee and freshly squeezed juice together, so it’s the perfect place to taste delicious bread and drinks from morning.


West Wood Bakers

【Hour (Breakfast)】9:00-
【Address】1-16-9 Minamihorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka-shi
【Regular close day】Open year around
【WEB】 http://www.westwoodbakers.com/

13)【Horie】Instagram worthy! “DELI Cado” with a photogenic fruit sandwich.

“DELI Kado” is an organic cafe in North Horie, where fashionable shops and restaurants are lined up. A menu using vegetables that are pesticide-free and reduced in pesticides is a popular shop.
In addition, this shop is the best shop for brunch rather than breakfast because it opens at 11:30.

One of the hot topics is sandwiches with outstanding impact. A sandwich that is too large to hold your mouth is Instagram worthy!

One of the best choices is the “Homemade Ricotta Cheese Cream Amaou Sandwich”. Sandwiched with cream of low sweetness and huge Amaou strawberry, it looks and tastes perfect. The fruits used in the fruit sand vary according to the season, so it’s nice to be able to eat different types every time you visit. Sandwiches can also be made to-go, so on a sunny day it is recommended to taste the fruit sand brought home at a park near the shop.


Deli Kado

【Hour (Breakfast)】11:30-
【Address】 Silver Heights Kitahorie 1F
2-16-12 Kitahorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka-shi
【Regular close day】 Open year around