【St. Regis Hotel Osaka】 First Collaboration in Japan! Limited time St. Regis Garden Cafe with Nespresso


The St. Regis Garden Cafe with Nespresso will open at the St. Regis Hotel Osaka from April 8, 2022 (Friday) to June 5, 2022 (Sunday) in a dry landscape garden located 50 meters above ground level.

Collaboration with Nespresso

This café, in collaboration with Nespresso, is the first and only one of its kind to be offered exclusively at the St. Regis Hotel Osaka, the first and only hotel in Japan to offer this experience. Based on Nespresso’s high-quality professional coffee, a total of six original recipes have been jointly developed for the St. Regis Garden Cafe with Nespresso. The original drinks, which combine latte, espresso, cappuccino, and various other ingredients such as cherry, rose, orange, and ginger, are like special cocktails, allowing you to enjoy not only the taste but also the layering of colors and aromas, and are full of new possibilities and charms for enjoying coffee.

Among them, the “Champagne Frozen,” developed in reference to the St. Regis tradition of “rituals,” is a new signature drink with the refreshing aroma of champagne and the refined richness and accent of “finetzo” coffee with its mellow aroma and subtle hints of jasmine. After a refreshing sip, the aroma of the gorgeous aromatic coffee, followed by the flavor of orange, unfolds in the mouth one after another.

Please enjoy a peaceful spring coffee time surrounded by fresh greenery and the rich aroma of coffee in our pleasant heavenly garden, located in the city but away from the hustle and bustle of urban life.

St. Regis Garden Cafe with Nespresso Original Menu

Morning Ritual 8:00 – 13:00

St. Regis Sakura Cappuccino 800 yen

Sakura flavor syrup, espresso, milk

Cappuccino with signature drink featuring the St. Regis logo. The gorgeous flavor of cherry blossoms is hidden behind the rich, coffee-like cappuccino with just a hint of cherry blossom.

Iced oats milk latte 1,100 yen

Butterfly pea syrup, oats milk, espresso, mint

The bright pastel blue color of butterfly peas, which have strong antioxidant properties and are known as “whitening herbs,” is eye-catching in this oats latte. The coffee flavor accentuates the sweetness of the oats milk.

Iced Roseberry Latte 1,100 yen

grenadine syrup, rose syrup, milk, espresso

Bianco Delicato is an iced latte with the natural sweetness of coffee and the caramel and biscuit-like aroma created by the addition of milk, and rose syrup is added to give it a classy sweetness and aroma.

Afternoon Ritual 13:00 – 18:00

Champagne Frozen 1,800 yen

Orange syrup, champagne, espresso

This new signature drink has a refreshing aroma of champagne, and the rich aromatic coffee “finetzo” with a hint of jasmine creates a full-bodied and accented flavor.
*This cocktail contains alcohol.

Iced Craft Cafe Ginger 1,400 yen

Ginger, margarita syrup, espresso, soda, orange

Add 1 shot of gin + ¥800

The pleasant bitterness of coffee and spicy aroma propose a mature taste. The refreshing flavors of orange, lemon, and ginger are followed by a tangy spiciness.

Iced Orange Tart Latte 1,100 yen

Triple sec syrup, crème brulee syrup, espresso, milk froth, tuile

The savory flavor of burnt caramel accented with the bitterness of orange peel and coffee makes this drink almost like a sweet treat.


The St. Regis Garden Cafe with Nespresso

【Sales Period】 Apr. 8 (Fri.) – Jun. 5 (Sun), 2022
【Hour】 8:00 – 18:00
【Location】 St. Regis Hotel Osaka Tenku no Niwa 12F
【official website】 https://www.stregisbar.stregisosaka.com/topics
【Reservation & Inquiry】 06-6105-5659(10:00 – 19:00)

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