【St. Regis Hotel Osaka】St. Regis Valentine 2020


The St. Regis Hotel will be selling Valentine’s goods from 1/18 (Sat) to 2/14 (Fri). During the same period, a Valentine menu will appear in the hotel’s main dining restaurant, “La Vduta”.


Valentine items sold at Boulanerie Rue D’or

Valentine fondant chocolate

*2 Flavors

・ Citrus
・ Raspberry

【Price】700 yen + Tax

*Warm the whole container with a microwave and enjoy.

Chocolate bonbon

*Set of 4 flavors

・ Caramel & Passion
・ Nougat
・ Citrus
・ Gianduja Puff

【Price】1,800 yen + Tax

Truffle chocolate

【Price】1,800 yen + Tax
(Set of 4 pieces)

【Sales Period】January 18 (Sat)-February 14 (Fri) 2020
【Store】Boulanerie Rue D’or
【Location】1st floor of St. Regis Hotel OSAKA
【Hour】11:00 – 18:00

Valentine limited menu at La Veduta for only 4 days!

Amuse Bouche / [Carpaccio] Scallop, Caviar, Citrus / [Couscous] Scallop, Shellfish Extract, Saffron, Oxalis / [Risotto] Aquellello, Salami, Pork Skin, Kidney Beans, Parmigiano / [Rossini] Wagyu Fillet, Foie Gras, Truffle / [heart] chocolate, berry

[Risotto] Akuererro, salami, pig skin, kidney beans, parmigiano

Valentine Menu

【Period】February 10, 2020 (Monday)-February 14, 2020 (Friday)
【Price】32,000 yen + Tax and service fee for 2 people
【Hour】17:30 – 22:00 (*Reservation Required)
【Restaurant】Italian Cuisine, La Veduta
【Location】12th floor of St. Regis Hotel Osaka