【St. Regis Hotel Osaka】Strawberry Sweets Buffet, “Strawberry Boutique” will be held from the end of December!


The second floor of the St. Regis Hotel Osaka Restaurant “RUE D’OR” will be developed as a dessert salon where you can enjoy a variety of seasonal sweets. As its first event, a dessert buffet “Strawberry Boutique” will be held from Sunday, December 28, 2019 to the beginning of May 2020.

Mrs. Astor’s salon

The restaurant “RUE D’OR” is a dessert salon that proposes a variety of sweets such as afternoon tea, cake sets, dessert courses, and dessert buffets based on the concept of Mrs. Astor, the mother of St. Regis ’s founder, Caroline Astor. transfiguration. The first event, “Strawberry Boutique”, is a dessert buffet with a lineup of about 30 types of sweets such as shortcakes using strawberry, crepe mousse and soup.

All you can eat fresh strawberries!

There are 10 types of all-you-can-eat Japanese famous brand fresh strawberries. Sachinoka, Yumeno, Komatsushima Sachinoka, Red Hoppe, Yuube, Nyoho, Ichigo-san, Koi Minori, Saho Honoka, Princess Sanuki, etc. are carefully selected and offered in the most delicious state of the day. In addition, at the “Berry Bespoke Parfait” corner, you can choose your own glass design and top up your favorite berries to create your own original parfait.

In addition, savory items such as “smoked salmon western wasabi accent”, “cauliflower mousse curry flavor”, and “quiche lorraine” are prepared.

This time it will be deployed in a five-part system. In the 4th and 5th part of the dinner time, a main dish with meat or fish dishes will be offered in addition to the dessert buffet at the same rate.


Mrs. Astor’s dessert salon “Strawberry Boutique”

【Period】December 28, 2019 (Sun)-early May 2020 * Open daily
【Hour】*90 minutes per part
Part 1. 13:00~14:30 / Part 2. 15:00~16:30
January 7 (Tue) 2020 -early May 2020
Part 1. 11:00~12:30 / Part 2. 13:00~14:30 / Part 3. 15:00~16:30
Part 4. 17:00~18:30 / Part 5. 19:00~20:30
*Main dishes are included in 4 and 5 parts
【Price】1 person 5,800 yen, child 2,900 yen
*tax and service charge included
【Location】St. Regis Osaka “RUE D’OR” 2nd floor
【Address】3-6-12 Honmachi, Osaka