【Starbucks】 In addition to the Frappuccino, there’s a new holiday season exclusive coming out on November 1!


Starbucks has introduced the 2020 holiday season limited edition drinks Gingerbread Latte, Macadamia Toffee Latte and Winter White Chocolate, which will be available in Starbucks stores nationwide starting Sunday, November 1, 2020.

From left to right: Macadamia Toffee Latte, Gingerbread Latte and Winter White Chocolate

Gingerbread Latte, an annual winter staple

The Gingerbread Latte is the winter face of Starbucks, with many fans eagerly awaiting its release every year. The spicy flavor of the gingerbread cookie is expressed in this latte-based drink, with a spicy flavor that warms you to the core.

New Macadamia Toffee Latte and Winter White Chocolate

On the other hand, the new Macadamia Toffee Latte is an espresso beverage with the richness, sweetness and crispiness of toffee, while the Winter White Chocolate is a white chocolate with powdered snow sugar in a holiday-only arrangement.


Starbucks Holiday Season 2020 Exclusive Drinks

【Sales Period】 Nov 1 (Sun) – Dec 25 (Fri), 2020
【Store】 Starbucks stores nationwide (except for some stores)
【Products & Price】
■ Gingerbread Latte
Short 420 yen + tax / Tall 460 yen + tax / Grande 500 yen + tax / Venti 540 yen + tax
■ Macadamia Toffee Latte
Short 440 yen + tax / Tall 480 yen + tax / Grande 520 yen + tax / Venti 560
■ Winter White Chocolate
Short 400 yen + tax / Tall 440 yen + tax / Grande 480 yen + tax / Venti 520 yen + tax