【Starbucks】 New Starbucks Summer Beverage: Limited Edition “Peach MORE Frappuccino” Full of Fruity Peaches!


Starbucks’ new drink, “Peach MORE Frappuccino,” began selling in stores nationwide on Wednesday, July 13, 2022!

New Starbucks Summer Peach MORE Frappuccino, all about the peach.

Since its first appearance in 2015, the peach-flavored Frappuccino has become one of Starbucks’ summer staples. This year’s new addition to the menu, “Peach MORE Frappuccino,” is a Frappuccino that offers a juicy, pulpy, and cool sensation, just like biting into a whole peach.

The Frappuccino is made with peach juice and peach puree, poured into a cup with randomly cut peach pulp at the bottom, and finished with a generous dollop of peach whipped cream. The fruity Frappuccino and the fruity whipped cream create a peachy drink that allows you to enjoy the mellow aroma and sweetness of peaches.

Peach MORE Frappuccino 678 yen for To-Go, 690 yen for in-store use


Starbucks “Peach MORE Frappuccino”

【Sales Period】 July 13 (Wed) 0 August 2 (Tue), 2022 *Sales will end as soon as they run out.
【Price】 678 yen for To-Go, 690 yen for in-store dining *Tall size only.
【Store】 Starbucks stores nationwide (excluding some stores)
【Official Website】 https://product.starbucks.co.jp/beverage/