【Starbucks】 The second beverage with Matcha for the Christmas season will be available tomorrow!


Starbucks will release “Matcha x Matcha White Chocolate Frappuccino” and “Matcha x Matcha White Chocolate” on tommorrow, November 25 (Wed), 2020, as the second beverages for the 2020 Christmas season.

Luxury taste with “Matcha”

The Matcha x Matcha White Chocolate Frappuccino is a luxurious frappuccino made with Matcha, one of Starbucks’ most popular flavors. The rich flavor of the bittersweet and fragrant green tea sauce and the gently sweet white chocolate flavored syrup is a delight to savor.

Topped with whipped cream and green tea brownie decorated on top is topped with powdered snow-inspired powdered sugar. The green marbled pattern drawn by the matcha sauce makes for a visually vibrant cup.

Matcha x Matcha White Chocolate is a matcha drink that combines matcha and white mocha syrup with milk that is carefully steamed by a barista for each cup. You can enjoy the flavor of slightly bitter and fragrant green tea, while enjoying the harmony of mellow white moka syrup and milk. This is the perfect beverage to warm your heart during the cold winter months.


Starbucks Christmas Beverage Vol. 2

【Sales Period】 Nov 25 (Wed) – Dec 25 (Fri), 2020
【Store】 Starbucks nationwide