【Starbucks】Matcha and white chocolate drinks will be available for a limited time today!


Starbucks will release “Matcha White Chocolate Frappuccino®” and “Matcha White Chocolate (Hot)” for a limited time from December 19 (Thu) to December 25 (Wed) 2019.

Matcha × White Chocolate

“Matcha White Chocolate Frappuccino®”, which draws a green and white marble pattern, is a beverage made from fragrant Matcha with a white chocolate flavor. When included in the mouth, the bitter taste of Matcha and the taste of milky white chocolate are mixed.

On the other hand, “Matcha White Chocolate”, which is a hot development, is a cup that you can enjoy the sweetness and richness of fluffy foam milk and the sweetness and richness of white chocolate flavor. You can feel the Matcha flavor up to foam milk, so if you are a Matcha lover, I would definitely recommend it.


Matcha white chocolate frappuccino® / Tall 570 yen + tax * Only one Tall size.

Matcha white chocolate (hot) / Short 430 yen + tax, Tall 470 yen + tax, Grande 510 yen + tax, Venti 550 yen + tax

【Sales Period】December 19 (Thu)-December 25 (Wed), 2019
【Store】Starbucks stores nationwide