【Starbucks】New limited drink “Sakura Milk Pudding Frappuccino®” & “Sakura Milk Latte” will appear on February 15!


Starbucks has launched two new drinks for spring: Sakura Milk Pudding Frappuccino® and Sakura Milk Latte. It will be released at stores nationwide from February 15, 2020 (Sat).

Starbucks “SAKURA Series” New Drink for 2020

Starbucks’ “SAKURA series”, which develops beverages and goods with a cherry motif every year. This time, the first beverages in the series from 2020 will be “Sakura Milk Pudding Frappuccino®” and “Sakura Milk Latte”, which will give you a light pink look and enhance your mood for spring.

Sakura milk pudding Frappuccino®

“Sakura Milk Pudding Frappuccino” is a Japanese-only drink that combines a milk-based frappuccino with a sauce that combines sakura and strawberries, and a milk pudding with a cherry-leaf extract made from cherry leaves. The toppings are scattered with petal-like hail, making it a gorgeous spring frappuccino.

Sakura milk latte

On the other hand, “Sakura Milk Latte” is a hot drink that combines cherry strawberry sauce and hot milk and has a cherry flavor and gentle sweetness. Because it does not use coffee, it is a nice cup for those who are not good at coffee or caffeine.


First drink of the 2020 SAKURA series

【Release Date】February 15, 2020 (Sat)
【Price】”Sakura milk pudding Frappuccino” Tall 590 yen + tax
“Sakura milk latte” Short 450 + tax, Tall 490 + tax, Grande 530 + tax, Venti 570 + tax
【Store】Starbucks nationwide