【Starbucks】New product “Royal milk tea frappuccino®” appeared!

Royal Milk Tea Frappuccino®, a perfect drink for Starbucks Coffee, appears in early summer. The seasonal limited drink “# Strawberry Berry Match Frappuccino®” will be sold sequentially from the store where it has been sold, and will be sold at all stores from May 15.

Rich but clean!

“Loyal milk tea frappuccino” finished in rich taste by adding milk to black tea which blended several kinds, frappuccino where refreshing, refreshing flavor of fragrant black tea can be enjoyed.

The finish is topped with crispy shortbread, whipped cream and sweet honey that are often enjoyed with black tea in the UK. It is a perfect cup for summer, with a rich but clean aroma and aftertaste of black tea.

Item Information

Loyal milk tea frappuccino®

【Period】May 4, 2019 to July 18, 2019
*”# Strawberry Berry Match Frappuccino” is released sequentially from the sold-out store.
*Launched at Starbucks nationwide from May 15 (Wed).
*End as soon as it sold out.

【Price】590 yen + tax