【Starbucks】”Nutty White Chocolate Frappuccino®” inspired by Christmas illumination will be released from November 22.


Starbucks will release Beverages “Nutty White Chocolate Frappuccino®” and “Nutty White Mocha” for the 2019 Christmas season at Starbucks stores nationwide on November 22, 2019 (Fri).

Nutty White Chocolate Frappuccino®

“Nutty White Chocolate Frappuccino” is a soft and sweet Frappuccino blended with milky white chocolate and fragrant hazelnuts. Roasted walnuts and crispy short bread are added to add an accent to the texture.
The top of the whipped garnished with three colors of chocolate and silver alazan (chocolate), creating a sparkling finish reminiscent of illumination. The gorgeous appearance and gentle taste make the Christmas season feel special.

Tall size only, 590 yen + Tax

Nutty White Mocha

Nutty White Mocha is a hot drink with white chocolate and hazelnut sauce plus a fragrant espresso. The harmony of hazelnut fragrance, mellow sweetness of white chocolate and espresso body is perfect when you want to take a break in cold weather. Watch out for the gorgeous appearance of the whipped cream as a tree, the sauce as a ribbon, and the arazan as a light.

Short 450 yen + tax / Tall 490 yen + tax / Grande 530 yen + tax / Venti 570 yen + tax


Starbucks Christmas Beverage 2nd

【Sales Period】November 22, 2019 (Fri) ~
*End as soon as it is gone
【Store】Starbucks stores nationwide (excluding some stores)