【Starbucks】Peach on the Beach Frappuccino® will be released from July 19!

Starbucks As the 4th summer season, “Peach on the Beach Frappuccino®” that enjoys the texture and freshness of whole peach, perfect for summer production, will be available from Friday, July 19, 2019. It will be released at Starbucks stores nationwide.

Like a whole peach!

“Peach on the Beach Frappuccino®” is a cup of white peach flesh that simmers into a cup, serving to taste the whole peach taste and a refreshing sweetness that bursts out in a full mouth. In addition, Frappuccino®, which uses colorful and colorful peach sauce and peach juice and puree, creates an image of the texture of juice and flesh that spreads in the mouth, like when you take a ripe peach.


Peach on the Beach Frappuccino®

【Price】Tall : 620 yen (The size is only one Tall size.)
【Sales period】July 19 (Fri) – August 29 (Thu)
【Handling store】All Starbucks stores nationwide (excluding some stores)
*End as soon as it disappears