【Starbucks】Pudding a la mode frappuccino® also appeared from May 15!

At Starbucks, a little retro “スタアバックス(Starbucks in old Japanese)” promotion starts on May 15. As part of the menu, “Pudding a la mode frappuccino®” will be released at stores nationwide on May 15

Japanese Spirit

Sweet “Pudding A la mode” which is retro and continues to be loved by Japanese people. While leaving pudding and caramel, colorful fruit and whipped cream combined with the nostalgic pudding a la mode, the frappuccino® appeared in a Starbucks style. Combine pudding flavored frappuccino® with bittersweet caramel sauce and topped with mixed fruit jelly using 3 kinds of fruits: mango, apple and strawberry. Next to the whipped cream is a syrupy red cherry.

Item Information

Pudding a la mode frappuccino®

【Period】May 15 to June 18, 2019 (*End as soon as it sold out.)
【Price】Tall size 620 yen + Tax

*In addition, new menu food and limited-time items will also appear.