【Starbucks】“Santa (Claus) Boots Chocolate Frappuccino®” packed with “Christmas” sweets will be released on December 4th.


Starbucks will release “Santa (Claus) Boots Chocolate Frappuccino®” for a limited time from December 4th (Wed) to December 25th (Wed).

Santa Claus boots image

“Santa Boot Chocolate Frappuccino®” is a beverage that expresses the exciting “moment” when opening a Christmas gift. The image is Santa Claus boots filled with overflowing sweets, and the cups are filled with “sweets” such as chocolate, cookies, and potato chips. The topping is filled with potato chips and straw-shaped cookies.

Edible cookie straws

The base frappuccino® is filled with chocolate sauce and chocolate chips, topped with a crisp, salty potato chip. Slightly salty potato chips and the sweetness of chocolate show outstanding compatibility. In addition, plenty of white whipped cream and red chocolate puffs are topped, and Christmas is expressed in red and white holiday colors.

Instead of regular straws, you can eat whole cookie straws that are delicious to eat as they are, and you can actually drink frappuccino® like a straw!


“Santa Boot Chocolate Frappuccino®”

【Period】December 4, 2019 (Wed) – December 25, 2019 (Wed)
【Price】Tall 690 yen + tax (only one size of Tall size)
【Stores】Starbucks stores nationwide (excluding some stores)
*End as soon as it is gone