【Starbucks】The local menu, “Our Store’s coffee” that employees thought will come up.


Starbucks Coffee Japan will sell “Our Store’s Coffee,” a limited original beverage for each store created by partners (employees) of 1413 stores nationwide, from March 29 (Fri) to the end of September 2019 2019 at Starbucks stores nationwide .

Source: Starbucks Japan

The way to enjoy coffee is endless with “Our Store ’s Coffee”!

With the opening of Starbucks Reserve® Roosterly Tokyo, “Our Store’s Coffee” is an original beverage made by 1,413 stores around Japan with a passion for coffee, with the desire to have Starbucks enjoy with a special cup for customers. It’s a unique and versatile original beverage, such as coffee, espresso-based latte and frappuccino®, which was created based on the tastes of customers who visit each store every day by employees. Why don’y you enjoy the original beverages which can only be enjoyed in Japan and only in the store?

Partial menu of “Our Store’s Coffee”

Beverage: Double Tall Latte
Price: Tall Size, 430 yen (+tax)
Store: Ginza Matsuya st. Store

Beverage: Extra Coffee Hoji Tea Latte
Price: Tall Size, 490 yen (+tax)
Store: Chayamachi Applause Tower Store

* This store is in OSAKA!! (Umeda)

Beverage: Extra Shot Classic
Price: Tall Size, 480 yen (+tax)
Store: Kumamoto New-S Store

Beverage: Ice Moca Mousse Formed Latte
Price: Tall Size, 500 yen (+tax)
Store: Urasoe BARCLAYS COURT store

Beverage: Triple Chocolate Frappucino®
Price: Tall Size, 590 yen (+tax)
Store: Akihabara Ekimae Store

Beverage: Vanilla Late with whipped cream
Price: Tall Size, 480 yen (+tax)
Store: Yokkaichi ohira store

Beverage: White Moca Matcha Cream Fruppcino® add shot, no vanilla
Price: Tall Size, 540 yen (+tax)

Beverage: Almond Toffee Soy Cafe Mist
Price: Tall Size, 480 yen (+tax)
Store: Tokyo Midtown Store