【Starbucks】Two new types of strawberry flavor frapuccino will be released from April 11 to May 14.


Last year’s Starbucks [Summer Season Promotion 1st], the
#STRAWBERRYVERYMUCHFRAPPUCCINO® series of “very strawberry feeling” that was a great response will enjoy red and white “two strawberries” this year.

Frappuccino stuffed with all the flavors of strawberries.

“# STRAWBERRYVERYMUCHFRAPPUCCINO®_RED”‘s greatest attraction is the “over-strawberry feeling”, where you can enjoy the taste of strawberries more than eating real strawberries. With plenty of strawberries in the base, sauce, powder and other ingredients, you can enjoy all the flavors of strawberries, such as fresh juicy, sweet and sour, and a sense of fruit.

Tall size only / 640 yen (tax included)

In “# STRAWBERRYVERYMUCHFRAPPUCCINO®_WHITE”‘, white mocha syrup is added, and the crisp base of strawberry flesh and crispy strawberry macaroons are added to add texture.

Tall size only / 640 yen (tax included)

These will start to sell from April 11 to May 14 but please be careful as it will end as soon as it disappears!