【Suita】Osaka Expo Park Drive-in theatre will be held in August.

In August, the theater production team “Do it Theater” will hold a drive-in theater event in Osaka’s Expo Park as part of its “Drive in Theater 2020” project, which aims to create a drive-in theater.

About Drive-In Theater 2020

Drive-in Theater 2020 is a project aimed at raising awareness of COVID-19 infection prevention and revitalizing culture, including movies, with the goal of creating a drive-in theater.

1.To revitalize the culture by proposing a new entertainment system.
2.This is one of the awareness-raising campaigns to raise knowledge of COVID-19 infection prevention and awareness of the importance of social distance.
3.To support COVID-19 countermeasures and the entertainment industry through donations.

Safety considerations

The safety of visitors and staff/participants is of the utmost importance when hosting a drive-in theater. Continuous drive-in theaters will be held in conjunction with physicians with contracted infectious disease insight, taking into account the latest guidelines and other factors to prevent the transmission and spread of new coronaviruses at the right time and under the right circumstances.

They’re taking care of the safety aspects of things, so I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!


Do it Theater presents Drive-in Theater 2020 at Expo Park

【Date & Time】August, 2020
【Location】Expo Park
【Address】1-1 Senri Banpaku Koen, Suita City, Osaka Prefecture
【How to participate】Purchase in advance at the ticket site
【Official Web Site】https://www.ditjapan.com/issue/1254

*Detailed information on dates, times, films, how to participate, notes, etc. will be updated as soon as they are confirmed.