【Suita, Osaka】This summer, a new battle type activity appears in Osaka “VS PARK”!

A new activity “Pokapoka Stadium” will appear on July 19 (Fri) in the entertainment-based variety sports facility “VS PARK” (Suita City, Osaka Prefecture) operated by Bandai Namco Amusement Co., Ltd.


The “Pokapoka Stadium” is a television variety program, in which two players hold in each hand a large “Pokapoka bar” inflated with air, and in the narrow platform of the foothold, hold each other in the same manner as a hand-pricked wrestling ball. It is an original activity of Bandai Namcomusement to play by dropping from the platform. The player’s surroundings are surrounded by air-filled walls and fluffy floors, so it’s safe and fun, and you’ll be able to release stress by playing a hot battle.

With the introduction of new activities, “two-hour all-you-can-eat” becomes more fulfilling, and you can enjoy the “entertainment experience only here”. Let’s enjoy the “too much sport” that you can think of being a friendly companion with your friends and family with the comfortable indoor “VS PARK” in the coming indoor season with fewer opportunities to move your body due to the extremely hot summer.

About “VS PARK”

It is a variety sports facility that collects entertainment elements that can be experienced as if you are participating in a TV variety program, “Yabasugi Sports (Phenomenal Sports)”. In facilities of approximately 2,645 square meters, there are “digital activities” such as the world’s first fierce beast escape activity “Nigekiru” that can enjoy ultra-short distance runs seriously, “Extra sports” to add unique gadgets to conventional sports and enjoy sports with a sense of play. There are more than 25 kinds of “extra sports” such as “Extra Activities” where you can experience the topic “want to do” sports introduced on the net and TV.

The world’s first beast escape activity “Nigekiru” that can enjoy ultra-short haul seriously

“Tonton Sumo” which you will control it by voice.

“Basket four” which align four balls of the same color.



Weekdays 10:00 – 21:00 (Final entry 19:00)
Holiday 9:00 – 21:00 (Final entry 19:00)

【Price】 [Regular Rate (2 hours)]
General: 2,800 yen, student (college, specialty, high school,
junior high school): 2,250 yen, primary schoolchild: 1,700 yen

【Address】Expocity, 2-1 Senri banpaku koen, Suita, Osaka
【URL】 https://bandainamco-am.co.jp/others/vspark/