【Sup! Chiba!】 Hilton Tokyo Bay is currently holding “One Night Circus,” a sweet buffet starring dogs enjoying a circus!


Hilton Tokyo Bay is currently holding “One Night Circus,” a limited sweets buffet for the Halloween season, from September 3 (Sat) to November 6 (Sun), 2022, on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.

“One Night Circus” Halloween Sweets Buffet at Hilton Tokyo Bay

Every year around Halloween, dogs secretly hold a one-night-only event called “One” Night Circus. This year’s buffet, themed on the exciting imaginary circus, features a variety of playful sweets with the dogs participating in the circus as the main characters.

One Night Circus

Sweets expressing a circus in which dogs play the leading roles

A buffet table with a circus motif is decorated with a colorful menu featuring mainly autumnal delicacies. About 20 kinds of sweets and 15 kinds of savories are available, including lemon macarons with a bone motif, circus shortcake with pears and yellow peaches that evokes a pastel-colored circus tent, Mont Blanc with rich marron cream to represent shiny fur, and Halloween-style hot dogs. The menu includes about 20 kinds of sweets and 15 kinds of savories, including a Halloween-style hot dog.

Live desserts finished right in front of your guests

The live dessert, which is prepared in front of the guests, is “Transform into a Shiba Inu! Obake no kabocha mont blanc with caramel ice cream. The pumpkin custard cream mont blanc with whole sweetened chestnuts is topped with caramel cream, and the whole thing is covered with chewy chewy Gyuhi, then topped with a Shiba Inu mask made of meringue. It is topped with a meringue Shiba-inu mask. The product is a cute-looking item that depicts an obake disguised as a dog participating in a circus.

Note the gorgeous buffet table decorations.

The gorgeous decorations on the buffet table with sweets are also a point of interest. The area for the dogs practicing for the circus performance, the preparation area representing the costume room before the performance, and the main area for the lively circus performance are all unique decorations that match the concept of each area.


Hilton Tokyo Bay “One Night Circus”

【Sales Period】 Saturday, September 3 – Sunday, November 6, 2022 (Sat. – Sun.) Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays only
【Location】 Hilton Tokyo Bay Lobby Floor “lounge O”
【Address】 1-8 Maihama, Urayasu, Chiba 279-0031
【Hour】 12:00~/12:30~/13:00~/14:30~/15:00~/15:30~ (6 parts, 2 hours)
【Fee】 Adults 4,100 yen, Children (4-8) 1,550 yen, Children (9-12) 2,350 yen
*Includes a drink bar with about 20 kinds of drinks.
【Reservation】 047-355-5000 or Online
【Official Website】 https://tokyobay.hiltonjapan.co.jp/