【Sup! Ginza!】 Limited Afternoon Tea Plan with Plum Wine Cream Soda from Plum Wine Cocktail Specialty Restaurant “The Choya Ginza Bar”!


The CHOYA Ginza BAR, which specializes in plum wine cocktails, will offer a new “With lots of plum Afternoon Tea & High Tea” plan with a new plum wine cocktail from January 4 (Wed) to March 18 (Sat), 2023.

“With lots of plum Afternoon Tea & High Tea” with new cocktails

“With lots of plum Afternoon Tea & High Tea” at The Choya Ginza BAR is an all-you-can-drink course that includes food arranged with plums, sweets that go well with plum wine, and hors d’oeuvres. The attractive plan includes a limited-edition plum wine tasting flight set, popular plum wine cocktails, non-alcoholic plum cocktails, and more than 100 types of drinks that can be enjoyed as much as you like.

“With lots of plum Afternoon Tea & High Tea” with Umeshu cocktail 4,500 yen *including charge

“With lots of plum Afternoon Tea & High Tea” has a new dessert cocktail inspired by plum blossoms. Customers can choose one of three types: “The CHOYA Red Plum” and “The CHOYA White Plum”, plum wine cocktail cream sodas, and “The CHOYA Akafuji”, a hot plum wine cocktail hot cappuccino.

The CHOYA Red Plum

The CHOYA Red Ume is a plum liqueur cocktail that combines authentic plum liqueur “The CHOYA” with the finest plum syrup and red shiso juice, and is finished with a single frozen ripe Nanko plum in a soda.

The CHOYA White Plum

The CHOYA White Plum, on the other hand, is made with a base of plum wine, sweet sake, and white wine, with jewel-like frozen ripe high plums and a splash of soda. Each glass is topped with a slice of orange, vanilla ice cream, and a plum cake. The result is a “dessert-like” ume cocktail that looks beautiful to the eye.

The CHOYA Aka (Red) Fuji

The CHOYA Aka (red) Fuji is a hot cocktail made by blending The CHOYA, an authentic plum wine, with chopped strawberries, Darjeeling tea, and red shiso juice, and layered with a generous amount of espuma, a milk drink. To finish, strawberry powder and cinnamon powder are sprinkled on top, and the drink is topped with a plum cake.

It is also nice to know that all three types are available in either an alcoholic “intoxicating” type or a non-alcoholic “non-drunken” type. Why not try the ume cocktails, which are only available this time of year, with afternoon tea, where you can enjoy sweets and savories filled with ume?


“With lots of plum Afternoon Tea & High Tea” with plum wine cocktail

【Sales Period】 Wednesday, January 4, 2023 – Saturday, March 18, 2023
【Price】 4,500 yen *Including charge.
【Store】 The Choya GINZA BAR
【Address】 7F NOCO, 5-6-5 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
【Reservation】 03-3573-8015 or Online
【Official Website】 https://www.choya.co.jp/the-choya-ginza-bar/