【Sup! Hiroshima!】 The Hilton Hiroshima is currently holding a sweets buffet inspired by “Alice in Wonderland”!


The Hilton Hiroshima is holding a sweets buffet “Alice’s Black & Red Tea Party” from September 10 (Sat.) through November 13 (Sun.), 2022, on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays only.

“Alice in Wonderland” Sweets Buffet

Alice’s Black & Red Tea Party” is, as the name suggests, a sweets buffet inspired by the story of “Alice in Wonderland. The buffet features not only sweets with motifs of items that appear in the story, but also red and black coloring of the restaurant, chess and playing card decorations, and other elements that allow visitors to enjoy the world of “Alice in Wonderland” with all five senses.

Lined up on the buffet table is a cake that looks like a “chessboard”, “Queen of Hearts is Checkmate? The “Black Rabbit Lost in Circles and Late for Tea Party” covered with chocolate and bittersweet caramel and chestnut mousse, and the “Crazy Time Love Tart” topped with macaroons and raspberries are all made with luxurious autumn fruits. Sweets made with luxurious fruits.

There will also be a wide selection of small portion and glass sweets, including “Hatter” made with chocolate brownies, “Trumpeter’s 3 o’clock snack” with lemon mousse and chocolate hearts, and “Chocolate Avant-garde” with milk chocolate, crunchy crumble and dark cherry, as well as light meals such as gnocchi and sandwiches.


Hilton Hiroshima “Alice’s Black & Red Tea Party”

【Sales Period】 September 10 (Sat.) – November 13 (Sun.), 2022 *Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays only
【Hour】 15:00-17:00 (last order 16:30)
【Restaurant】 Hilton Hiroshima, 6th Floor All-Day Dining “Mosaic”
【Address】 11-12 Fujimi-cho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture
【Fee】 3,750 yen per person *Service charge included, *Limited to 100 people per day.
【Official Website】 https://hiroshima.hiltonjapan.co.jp/plans/restaurants/sweetsbuffet/mozaik
【Official Hotel Website】 https://hiroshima.hiltonjapan.co.jp/