【Sup! Hokkaido!】 Jozankei Onsen Light-up Event is now open for a limited time!

Jozankei Onsen in Sapporo, Hokkaido, will hold a lighting event “JOZANKEI NATURE LUMINARIE -WATER LIGHT VALLEY-” from June 1 (Wed) to October 23 (Sun), 2022. It can only be seen by those staying at Jozankei Onsen, so please consider staying here if you plan to travel to Hokkaido.

Light-up event by “Naked” at Jozankei Onsen, Hokkaido

NAKED, INC. is a creative company that produces events in various fields ranging from art to food and nature based on the latest technology and creative ideas. Now in its seventh year, this year’s event will again take place in the beautiful natural setting of Jozankei, with its forests, rivers, and valleys, where visitors can enjoy a night walk of lights that fuse nature and illumination.

Night Walk of Light, where Jozankei’s nature and lights fuse together

In 2022, the park area starting from the entrance will be newly renewed with an illumination performance. A 2.5-meter-high blue dome-shaped sculpture that resembles water and a gold-tinted illumination will create a fantastic lake of light.

The kappa, the guardian deity of Jozankei, has long been revered as a guardian deity of the area, and the kappa will lead you to various light displays that are typical of “Naked. Visitors can experience the great nature of Jozankei through an interactive art experience in which kappa footprints appear when they step on ripples of water on the floor, and through projection mapping of the Futami Suspension Bridge and a lighting show in the valley, which create a fantastic world where light and nature merge.



【Event Period】 June 1 (Wed) – October 23 (Sun), 2022
【Location】 Jozankei Futami Park – Futami Suspension Bridge (Jozankei Onsen Nishi 4-chome, Minami-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido)
【Hour】 [June-August] 19:00-21:00, [September and October] 18:00-21:00
【Ticket】 Jyusankei Onsen lodgers only

*Admission tickets distributed by accommodation facilities are required.
*The duration and time of the event may be shortened or cancelled due to inclement weather or equipment adjustments.
*There is no special parking lot for the event. Public parking is available at Jozankei Sports Park (free of charge, 7-minute walk to the venue).