【Sup! Hyogo!】 Hanshin Koshien Stadium Outer Perimeter Food Event Vol. 2 – The Heat of 2019, Again! Koshien Meat Festival –


The “Koshien Meat Festival” will be held at Hanshin Koshien Stadium from May 20 (Fri.) to 22 (Sun.) during the Giants game as the second food event of 2022, following the Kitchen Car Festival in April.

All the meat dishes will be here!

The event will bring together a selection of the best restaurants featuring meat dishes at Mizuno Square on the perimeter of Hanshin Koshien Stadium. The exquisite gourmet specialties of each restaurant will surely lift your spirits before the game!

This event is open to both spectator ticket holders and non-ticket holders.


Sumiyakishoten Yo, Torijin

Fun friends gather and smiles naturally abound. This restaurant is very popular in Umeda and Namba, Osaka, and is full of humanity. Specially bred chickens are smoked with straw from Sasayama and grilled with Kishu-binchotan charcoal. The synergy of flavor and aroma is made to be enjoyed.

Osaka Yakiniku/Hormon Futago

A famous restaurant with a nationwide presence. This is the second time they have made an appearance. With a carefully selected original menu that includes the famous “protruding ribs,” the restaurant pursues a form of yakiniku and horumon that can be enjoyed with all five senses.

Kyoto Yakiniku Restaurant Hiroshi

Direct from Kyoto Meat Market! We offer bite-sized steaks of carefully selected Japanese beef that boasts “freshness and taste” from the “strongest one-head purchase in history,” as well as fresh, plump hormones and the most popular Hiroshi’s yakiniku bento (grilled meat box). We also offer “puripuri horumon” (hormone) and the most popular “hiro no yakiniku bento” (grilled meat box).

Beef tongue charcoal grill RIKYU

A gourmet specialty of Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture. Rikyu, a popular restaurant in the stadium, offers its mouth-watering beef tenderloin, which is grilled with “craftsmanship” and “attention to thickness, saltiness, and maturity.

Ishii Kikaku Ishishudo

The kitchen car is always popular when opening a stall around the perimeter. A wide variety of products centered on meat dishes, such as bacon dogs and meat-wrapped rice balls, are sold under the theme of one-hand and easy-to-eat.


“Koshien Meat Festival”

【Date】 May 20 (Fri.), 21 (Sat.), 22 (Sun.) – days when Giants games are held
【Hour】 Friday, 20, 14:30-18:30 (tentative), Saturday, 21st and Sunday, 22nd, 10:30 – 15:00 (tentative)
*Vents are subject to change or be cancelled without notice due to weather or other circumstances.
【Location】 Hanshin Koshien Stadium perimeter Mizuno Square