【Sup! Kanagawa!】 Enoshima Aquarium’s winter event, “Jewerium,” a fantastic special aquarium tank and presentation with a jewelry theme, starts today!

The winter-only event “Jewerium” at the Enoshima Aquarium will be held from November 23, 2022 (national holiday) to February 28, 2023 (Tuesday).

Winter Event “Jewerium” at Enoshima Aquarium

“Jewerium” is a special winter event themed around the three elements of jewelry: transparency, color, and brilliance. Visitors can enjoy a fantastical exhibition that combines creatures that sparkle in the sea with beautiful performances in the museum.

Three special jewelry-themed aquariums on display

Of particular note are the special aquariums that will be installed for this event. Three special tanks will be on display: “Encountering Transparency,” which focuses on jellyfish in their transparent form; “Living with Color,” where visitors can learn about the strategies marine creatures use to sustain their lives; and “Beyond the Brilliance,” where visitors can see the brilliance of clione and other creatures that shine even in extreme conditions through a tank with a jewel-like motif. The three special tanks will be on display in the “Beyond the Brilliance.

Special Aquarium Chapter 1 “Encountering Transparency” (image)

Special “bubble” display at the popular “Sagami Bay Aquarium

The popular “Sagami Bay Aquarium” will also feature a special “Bubble Clock” production, in which a crystal curtain will appear in the large tank inhabited by 20,000 fish of 100 species, and visitors can enjoy beautiful bubbles that look like jewels dancing in the air.

bubble clock

Fantastic photo spots and limited-edition drinks

In addition, there will be various exhibitions and projects unique to this season, such as “Jellyfish Fantasy Hall: Sparkling Crystals” where snowflakes of various sizes and crystal jellyfish beautifully decorate the walls of the hall, a fantastic photo spot “Bubble Rooms,” which is inspired by an undersea party, and original drinks with a shining jewel motif.

Jellyfish Fantasy Hall: A room filled with sparkles (image)


Enoshima Aquarium “Jewerium”

【Event Period】 November 23, 2022 (national holiday) – February 28, 2023 (Tuesday)
【Business Hour】
[Nov. 23 (Wed.) – Nov. 30 (Wed.)] 9:00 – 17:00
[Dec. 1 (Thu) – Feb. 28 (Tue.)] 10:00-17:00
[Dec. 24 (Sat) – Feb. 14 (Tue)] 10:00-18:00
*Ticket sales and last admission 1 hour before closing.
【Closed】 Tuesday, January 24 – Thursday, January 26
【Admission Fee】 Adults 2,500 yen, High school students 1,700 yen, Elementary/junior high school students 1,200 yen, Infants (3 years and older) 800 yen
【Location】 Enoshima Aquarium
【Official Website】 https://www.enosui.com/