【Sup! Kobe!】 Hotel La Suite Kobe Harborland is now offering “Chocolat” Afternoon Tea!


Hotel La Suite Kobe Harborland will hold “Luxe Chocolat Afternoon Tea” from October 1 (Sat) to December 31 (Sat), 2022 at the Grand Bleu Lounge & Bar.

Afternoon tea “all about chocolate”

Hotel La Suite Kobe Harborland’s Afternoon Tea comes in various themes each season. This year’s theme is “Luxe,” and the chocolate afternoon tea will be offered in the season of chocolate cravings.

Luxe Chocolat Afternoon Tea

The lineup of sweets includes “Pear and Chocolate Cream” (glass sweets), “Cassis Opera” with layers of blackcurrant cream and chocolate cream, and “Orange and Rum Raisin Mousseline”. Chocolate lovers will also be able to choose from a variety of chocolates.

Four savory dishes are available, including “Smoked Salmon Rillette and Cheese” and “Brown Sugar Pepper Pork,” which complement the elegant sweetness of the French chef’s special chocolate. The menu also features seasonal dishes such as “Autumn Vegetable Chips.

As for drinks, the company is offering a “Sparkling Berry Chocolat,” a non-alcoholic drink that combines bellini and chocolate, as well as a plan with “Rose Sparkling” and “Glass of Champagne” as options.

Sparkling Berry Chocolat


Hotel La Suite Kobe Harborland “Luxe Chocolat Afternoon Tea”

【Serving Period】 Saturday, October 1, 2022 – Saturday, December 31, 2022
【Restaurant】 Hotel La Suite Kobe Harborland, 2F Lounge & Bar “Grand Bleu”
【Address】 7-2, Hashiba-cho, Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo, Japan
・Afternoon tea set 5,280 yen
・With sparkling berry chocolates 5,940 yen *Single price 1,430 yen
・With Rose Sparkling 6,270 yen
・With glass of champagne 7,150 yen
【Reservation】 078-371-1188 or Online
【Official Website】 https://www.l-s.jp/restaurants/grandbleu/
【Official Hotel Website】 https://www.l-s.jp/