【Sup! Kumamoto!】 Hoshino Resort’s first entry into Kumamoto! “OMO5 Kumamoto” will open this spring, including a city hotel overlooking Kumamoto Castle, a new twin room with a “round table” image, and more!

Hoshino Resorts will open an urban hotel “OMO5 Kumamoto by Hoshino Resorts” in Kumamoto on Tuesday, April 25, 2023. This will be the first time for Hoshino Resorts to enter Kumamoto Prefecture.

New hotel “OMO5 Kumamoto by Hoshino Resorts” opens on Kumamoto’s main street

“OMO5 Kumamoto by Hoshino Resort” will open on the 3rd to 11th floors of the “(tentative name) Shimotori GATE Project Building”, which will be newly born on the main street “Shimotori / Kamitori Shopping Street”. upper floors.

Based on the concept of “Wasa Rush! Castle town”, a coined word combining “Wasamon” and “Rush” in the Kumamoto dialect, which means a love of new things, the hotel will be developed as a hotel where you can experience the charm of Kumamoto.

An outdoor terrace overlooking Kumamoto Castle and an attached cafe

The hotel’s public space “OMO Base” serves as a base for staying in the city. Equipped with an outdoor geo-terrace that overlooks Kumamoto Castle, you can take a break while walking around town, plan your sightseeing, and spend a leisurely time as you please.

There is also a cafe, which offers breakfast and a cafe menu. You can taste original foods and sweets that arrange tomatoes and dekopon, which are representative ingredients of Kumamoto, and the famous dish “Karashi Renkon”.

160 rooms in 8 types

There are 160 guest rooms in 8 types that you can choose according to the purpose of your trip and the people you are traveling with. Of particular note are the new twin rooms, the Entaku Room and the Utsuwa Room.

“Entaku Room” and “Utsuwa Room” with unique table layouts

The Entaku Room, with a large round table between the two beds, is recommended for adults, parents and children, and friends. The large table functions as a table during the day and as a partition between the beds when you sleep, creating a relaxing space by creating an appropriate distance between the beds.

On the other hand, the Utsuwa Room, as its name suggests, is a unique room with tables arranged along the walls of the room, like the edges of a vessel. The table can be used as a desk by combining it with a chair, and you can also enjoy placing small items and sweets around the bed.

There is also a room with 2 bedrooms and a kitchen “OMO House”

In addition, “OMO House”, which has two separate bedrooms and can accommodate up to 6 people, is also available. Since it has a kitchen, you can buy Kumamoto gourmet food and enjoy it in your room. There is also a washing machine, making it a convenient private space for long stays or traveling with children.

Information & Map Service for Enjoying Travel

In addition, the service “Go-KINJO” is also provided to enjoy the city of Kumamoto even more. In addition to introducing famous sightseeing spots such as Kumamoto Castle, Kumamoto gourmet food around the hotel, tours related to the Kumamoto City Tram, which is the means of transportation for Kumamoto citizens, “neighborhood activities” that develop lectures in the hotel, and guides. Prepare a “neighborhood map” where you can see sightseeing information and gourmet information not listed in the book.


OMO5 Kumamoto by Hoshino Resort

【Open】 Tuesday, April 25, 2023
【Address】 5-1 Tedorihoncho, Chuo Ward, Kumamoto City, Kumamoto Prefecture
【Number of room】 160 rooms (3rd floor to 11th floor)
【Ancillary facilities】 Cafeteria, public space, lockers, laundry, etc.
【Official Website】https://www.hoshinoresorts.com/resortsandhotels/omobeb/omo/5kumamoto.html