【Sup! Kyoto!】 Afternoon tea and premium parfait to enjoy seasonal strawberries are now on sale at Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto!


Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto is offering a limited-time afternoon tea set “ Strawberry Afternoon Tea ” from January 10 (Tuesday) to March 12 (Sunday), 2023.

Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto “Strawberry Afternoon Tea”

Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto proposes a tasteful afternoon tea using seasonal ingredients in a luxurious space facing a Japanese garden that boasts 800 years of history. At the first afternoon tea of 2023, you can enjoy sweets and savory using strawberries as the leading role.

Sweets & savory with plenty of seasonal strawberries

The afternoon tea stand, where you can feel the warmth of wood, is decorated with sweets made with strawberries that are in season at that time. There are various flavors such as the wild strawberry sorbet lollipop wrapped in white chocolate, the classic strawberry mille-feuille, and the strawberry and champagne trifle, which is champagne mousse topped with strawberry jelly and sponge. There are 5 types of sweets that you can enjoy the texture.

From left front) Strawberry and champagne trifle, strawberry and white chocolate cream puff, wild strawberry sorbet lollipop, strawberry and lemon mousse cube, strawberry millefeuille

Strawberry accents are also added to the savory lining under the sweets. Strawberry and basil confiture is added to the mascarpone vichyssoise, and strawberries and beets are added to the homemade smoked salmon to bring out the flavor.

From front left) Curry flavored popover, homemade smoked salmon, beetroot and strawberry blini, mascarpone vichyssoise, strawberry and basil confiture, prosciutto tart

Two kinds of premium parfait to taste strawberry & citrus

In addition, a premium parfait using carefully selected high-quality fruits will also appear for a limited time. There are two types, the “Love Forth Strawberry Parfait” that uses plenty of the most delicious strawberries of the moment, and the “Winter Japanese Citrus Parfait” that mixes various citrus fruits with a Japanese taste. and provide.

Left) “Love For Strawberry Parfait” offer period: January 10 (Tuesday) to February 14 (Tuesday), 2023 Right) “Winter Japanese Citrus Parfait” offer period: February 15 (Wednesday) to March 12 (Sunday), 2023 2,900 yen each (limited to 10 servings per day)


“Strawberry Afternoon Tea”

【Sales Period】 January 10 (Tue) – March 12 (Sun), 2023
【Hour】 12:00〜14:30(L.O.14:00)、15:00〜17:30(L.O.17:00)
*Two-part system in the above time slot, reservation required.
[Monday to Thursday] Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto 1F Restaurant “Brasserie”
[Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays] Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto 3F “The Lounge & Bar”
【Price】 1 person weekdays 6,800 yen, weekends and holidays 7,500 yen
*Including 15% service charge.

■ To-Go Afternoon Tea
【Pick up location】 Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto 1F Restaurant “Brasserie”
【Price】 14,000 yen (for 2 people, reservation required)
【Inquiries & Reservation】 “Brasserie” 075-541-8288

■ “Premium Parfait”
【Sales Period】
・ “Love For Strawberry Parfait” January 10 (Tuesday) to February 14 (Tuesday), 2023
・“Winter Japanese Citrus Parfait” February 15 (Wed)-March 12 (Sun), 2023
【Hour】 11:30〜18:00
【Restaurant】 Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto 3rd floor “The Lounge & Bar”, 1st floor restaurant “Brasserie”
【Price】 2,900 yen each (limited to 10 servings per day)