【Sup! Kyoto!】 Fauchon Hotel Kyoto will start offering Summer Afternoon Tea!


Fauchon Hotel Kyoto will offer a summer-only afternoon tea set, “Fauchon Summer Afternoon Tea Set – Cet été This Summer” from June 1 (Wed) to July 31 (Sun), 2022.

Summer-Only Afternoon Tea at Fauchon Hotel Kyoto

Salon de la Fauchon is the first tea salon in Japan and the second in the world at the Fauchon Hotel Kyoto. This summer, the popular afternoon tea will be available in a summer-only version, featuring sweets made with peach, mango, passion fruit, coconut, and hibiscus, as well as a summer vegetable savory.

Parfait with all kinds of peaches and coconut & passion fruit cake

Lined up on the afternoon tea stand are a variety of sweets, including “Parfait Savarin,” a parfait filled with peaches and finished with peach liqueur; “Gateau Coco Passion,” a cake with a tropical marriage of coconut and passion fruit; and “Choux Liore Tropique,” a traditional French sweet wrapped in puff pastry and topped with mango.

Summer Vegetable Savory and all 23 Fauchon Teas

The lineup also includes seasonal savories such as lemon and zucchini tartine and club sandwiches with summer vegetables, as well as free-flowing Fauchon brand teas and flavored teas in a total of 23 varieties. Enjoy an elegant and luxurious tea time with summer flavors unique to the real Paris Fauchon.


Fauchon Summer Afternoon Tea Set – Cet été This Summer –

【Sales Period】 June 1 (Wed) – July 31 (Sun), 2022
【Location】 Fauchon Hotel Kyoto, 2nd floor / Salon de te Fauchon
【Hour】 Part 1: 11:00-13:00, Part 2: 14:00-16:00, (only on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays) Part 3: 17:00-19:00
*2 hours each use, reservation required.
*Hours of operation are subject to change.
【Price】 5,500 yen / person
【Reservation】 Online