【Sup! Kyoto!】 Hoshinoya Kyoto is holding “Autumn Evening Insect Hearing”, an autumn activity to enjoy autumn flavors and sake with the “sound of insects” for a limited time only!

Hoshinoya Kyoto in Arashiyama, Kyoto, will hold “Autumn Evening Insect Hearing,” an autumn-only activity to enjoy sake and autumn flavors, from September 1 (Thursday) to 30 (Friday), 2022, for guests.

Enjoy sake and autumn flavors with the sound of insects at “Mushi-Kimi in Autumn Evening

The Japanese garden at Hoshinoya Kyoto features a karesansui (dry landscape garden) made of white sand and smoked tiles under a 400-year-old giant maple tree. In autumn evenings, insects such as bell bugs, crickets, and pine beetles appear and make beautiful sounds in the quiet garden. The “Autumn Evening Insect Listening” is an activity available only for guests of Hoshi-ya Kyoto, where you can enjoy such a tasteful scene with canapés and sake, a special autumn treat.

Three kinds of Japanese canapés and “Akiaagari” sake

Three types of Japanese-style canapés will be served: a flavorful dip made with taro, mushroom kinpira with the rich flavor of roasted sesame seeds, and deep-fried and simmered fatty autumn swordfish. The sake is “Joyo “Expressive,” an “autumn-aged” sake characterized by a mellow taste with the roughness of new sake removed. Its full flavor and the natural sweetness of rice complement the taste of the canapés, which are rich with autumnal flavors.

Arashiyama, where the aristocrats of the Heian period (794-1192) built their villas and enjoyed the four seasons of nature. Enjoy the beautiful sounds of nature and the arrival of autumn, heralded by the insects that have been so beloved since those days.


“Insects in the Autumn Evening.”

【Event Period】 Thursday, September 1 – Friday, September 30, 2022
【Hour】 17:30-19:00
【Fee】 Free
【Eligible Guest】 Hotel Guest
【Capacity】 None
【Location】 Hoshinoya Kyoto
【Reservation】 Reservations can be made up to 7 days in advance on the official website.
【Official Website】 https://hoshinoya.com/kyoto/