【Sup! Kyoto!】 If you want to eat yakiniku in Kyoto, this is the place! “Nishikiyamachi, Nikushin”


At Nishikiyacho NIKUSHIN, the cosmopolitan A5 Japanese beef barbecue restaurant where you can enjoy a view of the Takase River in summer, known as one of the best cherry blossom viewing spots in Kyoto, the Negitanshio, a healthy way to enjoy meat and vegetables, is a popular item with a big impact!

Beauty! Ease of eating! Ease of eating! The ultimate in nikushin specialty dishes!

Tongue is especially popular among women among meat parts because of its low oil content, healthy taste, and appealing crunchiness.
The most popular such dish, “Negitanshio (Negi Tongue Salt),” is a dish created by a chef who knows A5-rank black Wagyu beef inside and out, and who has thoroughly pursued the most delicious way to eat tongue, taking beauty, health, and ease of consumption into consideration.

A5 Wagyu beef is also served at a high cost-performance ratio on a daily basis, and the dish is made to luxurious specifications so that it is chewy and juicy.
The green onions used in abundance are wrapped tightly in the tongue so that they do not burn or fall off during grilling, and the moderately warmed green onions accentuate the flavor of the tongue, making it an elegant dish.

The photo on the right shows A5-rank marbled black Wagyu beef

Cherry blossom scenery of Takasegawa River is expressed with meat

This restaurant is located right next to the Takase River, a famous cherry blossom viewing spot.
The beautiful sight that has continued to attract many people is reflected in the appearance of the Negitanshio.
The fresh cherry-red tang is filled with greenery reminiscent of trees, expressing the colors of nature as seen from inside the restaurant. Regardless of the season, you can also enjoy the taste of the Takase River with your eyes.

Even if it is not cherry blossom season, you can enjoy the meat and the scenery together in the open restaurant where you can look outside.

Other bright as cherry blossoms, meat sushi and yukke

NIKUSHIN opened in the Corona Disaster with the hope that customers can enjoy delicious yakiniku with scenery in Kiyamachi, a precious place with this historical beauty. In addition to negi tan shio, NIKUSHIN offers a variety of products that look like cherry blossoms, which is possible because of its scenery and high-quality, well-marbled black Wagyu beef. The menu also includes a variety of other items that are visually appealing and reminiscent of cherry blossoms.
Two types of meat sushi and yukke (yukke), both lean and marbled with the full flavor of Wagyu beef, are cooked slowly at low temperatures while still fresh, so they retain their beautiful color and are safe and secure.
Both types of sushi and yukke are tender and fine, with a delicious flavor that comes out slowly as you chew, allowing you to experience the cherry blossom season through the ingredients.
Enjoy summer barbequed meat on the menu at NIKUSHIN, where you can taste both the meat and the scenery as a set.


Nishikiyamachi, Nekishin

【Address】 237-5 Funato-cho, Shijo-sagaru, Nishi-Kiyacho-Dori, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto
【Business Hour】 11:00-23:00
【Reservation】075-341-6633 or Online
【Facebook】 https://www.facebook.com/yakiniku.nikushin/