【Sup! Kyoto!】 Ito Kuemon has released “Peach Matcha Parfait,” a combination of “bittersweet” matcha tea and juicy sweet peach compote!


Itokyuemon, Kyoto, Japan, has introduced a new menu item, “Peach Matcha Parfait,” which will be available at Itokyuemon teahouses from July 11, 2022 (Monday).

Limited edition parfait of “bittersweet green tea and seasonal peaches

Kyuemon Ito, which is popular for its sweets using high-quality tea leaves, has launched a new parfait series featuring “fruit and matcha green tea. The first in the series is the “Peach Matcha Parfait,” which combines juicy seasonal peaches and Uji matcha green tea. This limited menu item combines the bittersweet taste of Uji matcha with the fruity and natural sweetness of peaches.

The “Peach Matcha Parfait” is also attractive in its gorgeous appearance. The peach compote is topped with peach-colored marble chocolate, and the inside of the glass is a beautiful gradation of colors created by a combination of carefully selected ingredients. The romantic coloring can be enjoyed by layering Japanese ingredients such as green tea jelly, green tea mitsu, anko (red bean paste), agar agar, and shiratama (white rice balls) with a peach-colored layer of homemade peach puree sauce and rosé wine jelly.


Peach green tea parfait.

【Sales Period】 July 11 (Mon) – August 4 (Thu), 2022
【Menu】 Peach Matcha Parfait” 1,390 yen for a single item, 1,790 yen for a tea set, 1,990 yen for a Uji Matcha Craft Cola set
*The tea set includes a choice of “Uji Matcha (hot or cold),” “Uji Matcha Kappuccino (iced or hot),” “Green Tea (iced),” or “Uji Black Tea (iced)” (available only at the Uji Main Store).
【Store】 Uji Main Store, JR Uji Station Store, Gion Shijo Store