【Sup! Kyoto!】 Ito Kyuemon has come out with the Hydrangea Parfait again this year!


Ito Kyuemon of Kyoto has introduced its annual limited-time menu “Hydrangea Parfait,” available at the Uji Main Store, JR Uji Station Store, and Gion Shijo Store from May 13, 2022 (Fri.).

Hydrangea Parfait” by Kyuemon Ito, Kyoto

Uji is home to Mimurotoji (Temple), a famous hydrangea temple, and is crowded with many tourists seeking the elegant scenery of hydrangeas. The “Hydrangea Parfait,” now in its 10th year, is the most popular seasonal parfait featuring the beautiful hydrangeas that color Uji during the rainy season.

Hydrangea Parfait
Single item 1,390 yen, tea set 1,790 yen, hydrangea tea party 1,990 yen

Representation of hydrangea wet with rain dew

The hydrangea kinton (hydrangea kinton) made of matcha green tea that resembles a dignified blooming flower, hydrangea-colored crushed jelly that shines like an aurora borealis, hydrangea leaf-shaped matcha cookies, and fresh blueberries are all carefully layered to represent hydrangeas wet with rain dew. The delicate harmony of the various ingredients, centering on matcha green tea, creates a tasteful Japanese dish.


Hydrangea Parfait” by Kyuemon Ito, Kyoto

【Release Date】 May 13 (Fri), 2022
・Single item 1,390 yen
・Tea set 1,790 yen
・Hydrangea tea party 1,990 yen
*Tea set and hydrangea tea party drinks can be selected from Uji matcha (hot/cold), Uji matcha kapuchino (hot/ice), and iced green tea.
*Order “Hydrangea Parfait” and receive a coaster (one of six colors at random).
【Store】 Ito Kyuemon Uji Main Store, JR Uji Station Store, Gion Shijo Store