【Sup! Kyoto!】 ROKU KYOTO, LXR Hotels & Resorts is offering a summer-only plan to enjoy the riverside terrace for July and August only!


It’s hot… but Kyoto in summer is beautiful too! A great plan to enjoy Kyoto is now on sale!

ROKU KYOTO, LXR Hotels & Resorts, a resort hotel in Kyoto, has introduced a summer-only plan with free-flow drinks, the “TENJIN Terrace Plan,” from July 1 (Fri) to August 31 (Wed), 2022. The plan will be held at the TENJIN restaurant from July 1 (Fri.) to August 31 (Wed.), 2022, for a limited time.

“TENJIN Terrace Plan” to be enjoyed on the open terrace

TENJIN Terrace Plan” is a summer-only plan with free-flowing drinks presented by “TENJIN,” a restaurant offering French cuisine using carefully selected seasonal ingredients. Enjoy the finest grilled dishes and drinks on the open terrace where Kyoto’s Tenjin River flows nearby.

TENJIN Terrace Plan: 18,975 yen/person

Carefully grilled dishes & colorful appetizers

The meal is served in a special summer-only course. Starting with “Vichyssoise,” a cold potato potage, and a refreshing “Cappellini with Crab and Crowfish,” the table will be decorated with “Seafood Salad,” a gorgeous-looking dish with plenty of seafood.

For the main course, “three kinds of mixed grill” of beef ribeye, bone-in lamb, and juicy chicken, all packed with the flavor of meat, and “grilled summer vegetables” mainly from Kyoto, will be served.

Fresh herbal mojitos, beer, and other “all-you-can-drink” beverages

Enjoy “free-flow” drinks as much as you like. The “ROKU Original Mojito,” an original cocktail, is the centerpiece of the menu. Fresh herbs grown in the hotel’s own farm are used to create a refreshing taste perfect for summer. The menu also includes beer, sparkling wine, red and white wine, and soft drinks.


TENJIN Terrace Plan

【Sales Period】 July 1 (Fri) – August 31 (Wed), 2022 *Reservations required at least 2 days in advance.
【Location】 Roku Kyouto Restaurant “TENJIN
【Address】 Roku Kyoto LXR Hotels and Resorts, 44-1, Kinugasa Kagamiishi-cho, Kita-ku, Kyoto, Japan
【Hour】 16:00-22:00 (last entry at 20:00)
【Price】 18,975 yen / person
3 kinds of appetizers / Seafood salad / Grilled dishes (beef ribeye, bone-in lamb, chicken, seasonal vegetables) / Various condiments / Dessert
[Free Flow Drinks ]*120 minutes
Beer / Non-alcoholic beer / Sparkling wine / Wine red and white / ROKU original mojito / Soft drinks, etc.
*15% service charge included.

【Reservation】 Online or Phone, 075-320-0176 (Office hours: weekdays 10:00-17:00)
【Hotel Official URL】 https://www.rokukyoto.com/