【Sup! Kyoto!】 ROYCE’ launches limited quantities of chocolate mint raw chocolate at the “Summer Delicious Hokkaido Exhibition” in Kyoto, Japan!

Hokkaido sweets “ROYCE'” is selling a limited quantity of “Choco Mint” raw chocolate at “Summer Delicious Hokkaido Exhibition” at JR Kyoto Isetan from June 22 (Wed) to July 4 (Mon), 2022.

ROYCE’ raw chocolate now in “chocolate mint” flavor!

ROYCE’s “Raw Chocolate [Choco Mint]” is a refreshing two-layer raw chocolate with a mint flavor. A white chocolate ganache flavored with mint is combined with a chocolate ganache rich in cocoa flavor, and cocoa powder is sprinkled on top.

The mellow chocolate, bittersweet cacao, and refreshing mint aroma spread in the mouth, creating a pleasant sensation of unity.

20 pieces of raw chocolate [choco mint] 821 yen <limited time and quantity>

Popular and new sweets gathered at JR Kyoto Isetan

Popular Lloyds sweets will also be on sale at the “Summer Delicious Hokkaido Exhibition” at the JR Kyoto Isetan, where the sales will take place. These include “Potato Chip Chocolate [Original],” a crispy potato chip coated with chocolate, and “Pistachio Chocolate,” a pistachio wrapped in milk chocolate.

Raw chocolate [white peach] 20 pieces, 778 yen <limited time and quantity>

In addition, rare items and new products that are irresistible to sweets lovers will also be available, such as “Nama Chocolate [White Peach],” a limited time and quantity item, and new products from the Lloyds sweets brand Lloyds Kyoto, “Lloyds Kyoto Yuzu Cake” and “Lloyds Kyoto Kin Goma no Rocher,” so be sure to check them out.


ROYCE’ new products / limited time and limited quantity

Raw chocolate [choco mint] 20 pieces 821 yen .
Raw chocolate [white peach] 20 pieces, 778 yen .
ROYCE’ Kyoto Golden Sesame Rocher 120g 810yen <New Product
ROYCE’ Kyoto Yuzu Cake 3 pieces, 951 yen <New Product
*Items may be out of stock even during the event period.
【Store】 JR Kyoto Isetan “Summer Delicious Hokkaido Exhibition

JR Kyoto Isetan “Summer Delicious Hokkaido Exhibition
【Period】 June 22 (Wed) – July 4 (Mon), 2022 10:00~20:00 *The last day, July 4, ends at 18:00.
【Store】 JR Kyoto Isetan, 10F Event Hall (in Kyoto Station Building)
【Address】 Higashishioji-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto