【Sup! Kyoto!】 ROYCE’Kyoto, a Hokkaido x Kyoto sweets brand, to be sold year-round! You can get them anytime in Kyoto!

Royce’s Kyoto”, a brand of sweets limited to Kyoto and its suburbs, has started year-round sales at JR Kyoto Station and its surrounding areas!

ROYCE’Kyoto, a brand of sweets made with Japanese ingredients

ROYCE’Kyoto is a brand of sweets born from the unique concept of “the deliciousness of ROYCE, a staple of Hokkaido souvenirs, meeting Kyoto. ROYCE, a chocolate maker known for its raw chocolate and potato chip chocolate, has developed a line of sweets that transcends the boundaries between Japanese and Western taste by combining Japanese ingredients such as matcha green tea, black soy beans, and sansho (Japanese pepper), all of which are well-known in Kyoto. The company is developing sweets that transcend the boundaries between Japanese and Western cultures.

Until now, the product has only been available at limited-time stores and in limited areas such as Itami Airport, and has attracted attention due to its rarity. Now, with much anticipation, the product will be available year-round at JR Kyoto Station and surrounding areas.

Royce’ Kyoto’s most popular product is the two-layered raw chocolate “Royce’ Kyoto Raw Chocolate [Uji Matcha and Fromage]”. Two layers of chocolate, one blended with Uji matcha green tea and the other with white chocolate made with mascarpone, Gouda, cream cheese, and three kinds of cheese from Hokkaido, are layered together, and the surface is covered with chocolate powder made with Uji matcha green tea.

Royce’ Kyoto raw chocolate [Uji green tea and fromage] 20 pieces 821 yen

Also recommended are Royce’s Kyoto Potato Chip Chocolate [Uji Matcha and Sansho], a popular Royce’s potato chip chocolate covered with matcha green tea and grape sansho from Wakayama Prefecture and coated with Uji matcha green tea chocolate, and Royce’s Kyoto Hokuritto Unwind Cookies [3 kinds], a combination of matcha green tea, brown rice tea and black beans made into a “crunchy and soft” texture cookie.

Royce’ Kyoto Potato Chip Chocolate [Uji green tea and sansho] 190g 864yen

New sweets from Lloyd’s Kyoto are also available.

In addition, two new products join the lineup. Royce’ Kyoto Kin-Goma no Rocher, a bite-sized chocolate that combines crunchy fiantine, crushed almonds, and Kyoto-roasted golden sesame, and Royce’ Kyoto Yuzu Cake, a petite cake with yuzu peel made with yuzu citrus from Mizuo, Kyoto Prefecture.


Royce’ Kyoto

【Year-round sales stores】
■ JR Kyoto Station, 1F in front of the central ticket gate “Omiyage Kaido JR Kyoto Station Central Exit
【Hour】 7:30 – 22:00
■ Kyokonomi” in Porta East Area, Kyoto Station Underground Mall
【Hour】 11:00 – 20:30 *Closed on the same days as Porta’s closing days.
【Launch date】 June 28 (Tue), 2022
【Official Website】 https://www.royce.com/brand/contents/kyoto/