【Sup! Kyoto!】 The Thousand Kyoto’s Christmas Limited Edition Afternoon Tea features sweets with Santa and snowman motifs.


THE THOUSAND KYOTO will offer a Christmas season limited edition afternoon tea set “Christmas Afternoon Tea – Santa Claus’ Gift” from November 23 (Wed., holiday) to December 25 (Sun.), 2022.

Christmas Afternoon Tea at The Thousand Kyoto

It is the time of year when the streets begin to glow with lights and the anticipation for the most special time of the year, Christmas, begins to rise. At this year’s Afternoon Tea, you can enjoy a variety of dishes featuring Santa Claus, Christmas trees, wreaths, and other classic Christmas items.

Welcome drink “Fluffy Snow”

The afternoon tea kicks off with Fluffy Snow, a non-alcoholic sparkling drink topped with fluffy snow-inspired cotton candy. Cranberry & lemon juice with grenadine syrup is the bright red welcome drink.

Fluffy Snow

Welcome Dessert: “Santa Claus the Abandoned.”

The following Welcome Dessert, “Welcome Dessert Above the Earth Santa Claus,” is a sweet plate featuring Santa Claus delivering Christmas presents. A house of sweets made of strawberry cheesecake, white chocolate mousse, and sable, and Santa Claus who has fallen upside down. The plate is a delight both in taste and appearance, expressing a funny Christmas scene.

“Welcome Dessert: “Santa Claus the Abandoned.”

Various menus incorporating Christmas motifs

In addition, a variety of other menu items incorporating Christmas motifs are available, such as “Candle Glass,” a glass sweet consisting of three layers of rosé wine jelly, apple panna cotta, and strawberry jelly with pulp; “Santa Mousse,” a bright red raspberry mousse with tonka bean brûlée inside; and “Snowball Macaron,” a ginger ganache and passion confit sandwich.


Christmas Afternoon Tea ~Gift from Santa Claus~

【Period】 November 23 (Wed., holiday) to December 25 (Sun.), 2022 *Reservations required at least 2 days in advance.
【Restaurant】 Cafe & Bar “TEA AND BAR” (The Thousand Kyoto, 2F)
【Hour】 Part 1: 11:30 – (available until 14:30) / Part 2: 15:30 – (available until 18:30)
【Price】 6,500 yen per person *Available from 1 person.
【Reservation】 075-351-0700 or Online
【Official Website】 https://www.keihanhotels-resorts.co.jp/the-thousand-kyoto/restaurants/teabar/
【Official Hotel Website】 https://www.keihanhotels-resorts.co.jp/the-thousand-kyoto/