【Sup! Kyoto!】 The Westin Miyako Hotel Kyoto is holding a strawberry afternoon tea featuring a comparison of brand-name strawberries and “Amaou” shortcake!


The Westin Miyako Hotel Kyoto will hold a strawberry afternoon tea from January 1, 2023 (Sunday, national holiday) to March 31, 2023 (Friday) at the Mayfair Tea Lounge on the second floor.

Afternoon tea “full of strawberries” where you can enjoy a variety of strawberry sweets

The Strawberry Afternoon Tea is an afternoon tea “full of strawberries” featuring sweets that make the most of the deliciousness of strawberries that are in season.

“Strawberry afternoon tea” 6,100 yen

Branded Strawberry Eating Comparison & Arranged Sweets

The first offerings are five kinds of fresh strawberries. The first course includes five kinds of fresh strawberries, including “Koi Minori,” “Amaou,” “Kyo no Shizuku,” “Yumenoka,” and “Sachinoka,” which can be enjoyed in a luxurious taste comparison.

The following sweets include shortcake using “Amao”, cream puffs using “Sachinoka”, and strawberry mousse using “Yumenoka”. The lineup includes a variety of arranged sweets that allow visitors to enjoy the deliciousness of strawberries to the fullest.

Strawberry afternoon tea 6,100 yen

And savory with strawberries.

Also noteworthy are the strawberry-based savories, such as strawberry and bacon quiche and spring rolls with strawberries as the main ingredient and raw ham and arugula.

Strawberry afternoon tea 6,100 yen

Strawberry sweets such as parfait and pudding a la mode are also available.

In addition to the strawberry afternoon tea, the 2nd floor tea lounge “Mayfair” offers special sweets using strawberries. The “Kyo-no-Shizuku Strawberry Parfait,” using luxurious “Kyo-no-Shizuku” brand strawberries from Kyoto, and the “Strawberry Pudding a la Mode,” featuring strawberries in season on a bed of smooth pudding are also available.

Kyo-no-shizuku strawberry parfait 2,900 yen


Westin Miyako Hotel Kyoto Strawberry Afternoon Tea

【Sales Period】 Sunday, January 1, 2023 – Friday, March 31, 2023
【Restaurant】 The Westin Miyako Hotel Kyoto, 2F Tea Lounge “Mayfair”
【Address】 1, Awataguchi Katei-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
【Hour】 11:30~/12:00~/14:00~/14:30~/15:00~/15:30~ ※2 hours each
【Price】 6,100 yen
【Reservation】 075-771-7158(10:00~19:00) or Online
【Official Website】 https://www.miyakohotels.ne.jp/westinkyoto/restaurant/mayfair/