【Sup! Kyoto! 】 A colorful sweets buffet with six different “colors” will be held at Century Hotel Kyoto from today for a limited time only!


Century Hotel Kyoto will hold a limited-time sweets buffet, “Fruit Parlor Buffet – Colorful SUMMER!” from June 4 (Sat) to August 14 (Sun), 2022, on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.

Century Hotel Kyoto, a colorful sweets buffet that is bright to the eyes

Century Hotel Kyoto offers a variety of themed sweets buffets in accordance with the changing of the seasons. This year’s theme is “Colorful & Fruits,” and you can enjoy a variety of colorful sweets that are vibrant to the eyes to your heart’s content.

Sweets to be enjoyed in a total of six colors, each with its own meaning.

The buffet table is decorated with sweets in six different colors using 17 kinds of fruits. Red” represents passion and confidence, “Green” health and healing, and “White” purity and holiness.

Red” for passion, “Green” for healing, “White” for purity

For example, the “Red” lineup, with its abundance of cherries and raspberries, offers a selection of sweets that will attract you with their passionate charm. The “Raspberry Chiffon Cake” with its gorgeous appearance, the “Pistachio and Raspberry Verrine” with the savory flavor of pistachios, and other passionate menu items that are full of themselves.

In addition, “Honey and Orange Mousse” (Orange), accented with the refreshing taste of sage; “Vanilla and Melon Mousse” (Green), where you can enjoy the mellow harmony of vanilla and melon; “Lychee Crème d’Anjou” (White), which combines the crème d’Anjou with lychee; and “Fig and Chocolate Pound Cake” (Black), which brings out the rich taste of figs. The “Lychee Creme Dangeu” (white), which combines crème d’orange with lychee, and the “Fig and Chocolate Pound Cake” (black), which brings out the rich flavor of figs, are available in a variety of dishes that can be enjoyed both in terms of appearance and taste.


Fruit Parlor Buffet – Colorful SUMMER! –

【Sales Period】 June 4 (Sat) – August 14 (Sun), 2022 Sat, Sun, Holiday limited
*Every day from August 11 (Thursday) to August 16 (Tuesday)
【Location】 Century Hotel Kyoto, 2F “All Day Dining Rajo
【Hour】 15:30-17:00 *There will be 90 minutes in the time.
【Price】 Adults 5,000 yen, 7-12 years 3,000 yen, 4-6 years 1,500 yen
【Reservation】 075-351-0085 or Online