【Sup! Kyoto! & Osaka!】 TSUJIRI is now selling autumn limited sweets such as Uji green tea parfait with “Murasaki sweet potato red bean paste and sweet potato nectar”!


Tsujiri Soft Autumn Parfait, Kyo Latte Smoothie with Purple Sweet Potato, and Kyo Latte Hojicha are now available at the Kyoto store and three other stores from September 1, 2022.

Tsujiri’s Autumn Limited Edition Sweets & Drinks

A total of three limited-edition menu items from Tsujiri have arrived to enjoy the flavors of autumn. The most notable item is the beautiful-looking Tsujiri Soft Autumn Parfait. The popular matcha soft serve ice cream is made from carefully selected Uji matcha green tea and topped with purple sweet potato bean paste, sweet potato nectar, and other delicacies.

Also on the drink menu are the “Kyo Latte Smoothie with Purple Sweet Potato Sweet Potato,” which is based on Tsujiri’s matcha smoothie and layered with purple sweet potato bean paste, cream, and sweet potato nectar, and the “Kyo Latte Houjicha,” which combines high-quality Uji hojicha and mellow milk. Both are available for takeout, so it is recommended to savor them while enjoying the beautiful autumn scenery of Kyoto.


・Tsujiri Soft Autumn Parfait: 724 yen for to-go / 737 yen for eat-in
・Kyo Latte Smoothie Purple Sweet Potato” S size: 616 yen for to-go / 627 yen for eat-in, L size 670 yen for to-go / 682 yen for eat-in including tax)
・Kyo Latte Hojicha: 454 yen for to-go / 462 yen for eat-in

【Release Date】 September 1 (Thu)
【Store】 Tsujiri Kyoto store, Tsujiri Kyoto Tower Sand store, Tsujiri Alde Shin-Osaka store
【Official Website】 https://www.giontsujiri.co.jp/