【Sup! Miyagi!】 The Westin Sendai is currently holding a Honey Afternoon Tea & Sweets Buffet featuring “Honey & Autumn Fruits”!


The Westin Sendai will offer an afternoon tea and sweets buffet “Sweet Sensation – Honey” at Restaurant Symphony on the 26th floor from September 10 (Sat) to October 31 (Mon), 2022.

Afternoon Tea Buffet with Honey & Autumn Flavors

At “Sweet Sensation – Honey”, three types of honey from Miyagi Prefecture’s Ishizuka Apiary’s “Kouno no honey” – “Tochi honey”, “Kenponashi honey”, and “Buckwheat honey” – are selected to create sweets that take advantage of their individual characteristics. These can be enjoyed together with a menu that takes advantage of autumnal flavors such as pine muscat and pumpkin. Afternoon tea will be served on weekdays, and on weekends and holidays, a buffet will be offered on an order-only basis.

<Weekdays only> “Suite Sensation Weekday”

The “Sweet Sensation Weekday” afternoon tea, available only on weekdays, features a three-tiered tea stand with sweets combining honey and seasonal fruits, such as “Kemponashi Honey and Pumpkin Tiramisu” and “Buckwheat Honey and Bitter Chocolate Cake. A wide variety of sandwiches and scones are also available, as well as 17 kinds of drinks including Ronnefeldt’s tea selection and original coffee.

“Sweet Sensation Weekday” 3,880 yen

<Weekend Only>”Sweet Sensation Weekend”

The “Sweet Sensation Weekend,” available only on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, is a buffet-style event where customers can order as many of the 19 types of sweets as they like. The menu includes sweets that appear on the afternoon tea menu, as well as sweets that can only be enjoyed at “Sweet Sensation Weekend”.

The highlight is the “Japanese Chestnut Mont Blanc with Vanilla Ice Cream and Chestnut Roti,” which uses seasonal Japanese chestnuts. The chef prepares it right in front of your eyes, so you can feel the thrill of the moment until it is completed. In addition, a wide variety of light meals such as “Honey Butter Chicken Pita Bread” and “Cheese Ball and Pumpkin Beignets” will be available.

Both the afternoon tea and buffet will be rearranged to Halloween specifications from October 1 (Saturday), so you can enjoy them no matter how many times you visit.

“Sweet Sensation Weekend” 5,090 yen

Parfait with Halloween character motifs

The Westin Sendai also offers two types of “Halloween Parfait” featuring Halloween characters for a limited time. The first, “Sweet Vampire,” features sweet pine muscat and refreshing berries with a pistachio mousse base, while the second, “Jack-o’-Lantern,” consists of 12 layers of many fruits, including pear red wine compote, persimmon, and blackcurrant sorbet.

“Sweet Vampire” and “Jack-o’-Lantern” each 2,420 yen


The Westin Sendai “Suite Sensation – Honey”

【Sales Period】 Saturday, September 10 – Monday, October 31, 2022
【Hour】 120 minutes from 14:00 to 17:00 (last entry at 15:00, last order 20 minutes before)
【Restaurant】 The Westin Sendai Restaurant Symphony (26th floor)
【Address】 1-9-1 Ichibancho, Aoba-ku, Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture

■ Weekday only “Sweet Sensation Weekday” 3,880 yen
■ Weekend only “Sweet Sensation Weekend” 5,090 yen (order only)
*Every Saturday and Sunday from September 10 (Sat.) to October 30 (Sun.), 2022, and on September 19 (Mon., holiday), September 23 (Fri., holiday) and October 10 (Mon., holiday)

【Reservation】 022-722-1234 or Online
【Official Website】 https://www.the-westin-sendai.com/