【Sup! Nagasaki!】 Summer Festival” is underway in Huis Ten Bosch!

The summer event “Summer Festival – Summer Festival in the City of Light” will be held in Huis Ten Bosch, Nagasaki, from July 9 (Sat) to September 9 (Fri), 2022.

Huis Ten Bosch Summer Event “Summer Festival

Huis Ten Bosch’s summer event “Summer Festival – Summer Festival in the City of Light” will feature a number of exciting summer contents such as swimming pools, fireworks, and illuminations.

Indoor & outdoor swimming pools

Of particular note are the two pools, one outdoors and one indoors. The outdoor “Garden Pool” features a giant 50-meter-diameter flowing pool, a 10-meter-high, 70-meter-long “Mega Slider,” and a “Fountain Area” where water spurts out. All of these pools are located right in front of Huis Ten Bosch’s symbolic tower, Domtorn, so you can feel as if you are swimming in the city of Europe.



On the other hand, the indoor “Forest Pool” is a resort-like pool with lush tropical plants. The building has a variety of pools, including a flowing pool and two types of Jacuzzis, where visitors can spend a relaxing time.

Both the “Garden Pool” and the “Forest Pool” are open at night as night pools. The Garden Pool will be illuminated and put on a light show, transforming it into a glittering space. The Forest Pool will be transformed into a luxurious “adult pool” with fantastic light.

Summer Night Fireworks” with extra-large fireworks

The “Summer Night Fireworks” event, which features an extra-large fireworks display, will be held for nine days only in August. Many fireworks viewing plans are available, including a cruise to enjoy the fireworks while having dinner and an overnight stay plan to view the fireworks from the comfort of your hotel room, making it a great place to visit on an important day or anniversary.

Sunflower event

Be sure to check out the events themed on sunflowers, which are in full bloom in the summer. The Bastion in Attraction Town and the Flower Road and Flower Plaza in Amsterdam Plaza will be decorated with sunflowers and illuminated in time with the blooming of the sunflowers.


Summer Festival in the City of Light

【Event Period】 Saturday, July 9 – Friday, September 9, 2022
【Location】 Huis Ten Bosch
【Address】 1-1 Huistenbosch-cho, Sasebo, Nagasaki
【Admission Fee】 18 years old and over: 7,000 yen, junior high and high school students: 6,000 yen, elementary school students: 1,600 yen, 4 years old to elementary school students: 500 yen
*During the Summer Festival, kids receive a 3,000 yen discount on the 1-Day Passport price.

■ Summer Night Fireworks
【Event Date】 August 6 (Sat), 7 (Sun), 11 (Thu) – 15 (Mon), 20 (Sat), 21 (Sun), 9 days in total
【Hour】 15 minutes from 20:30 to 20:45 each day

■ Sunflower viewing spots
・Flower Road
【Period】 Saturday, September 9 to Friday, September 9
【Varieties】 Sunbelly bubble

・Flower Square, Crown Flower Garden (Amsterdam Square)
【Period】 Saturday, September 9 to Friday, September 9
【Varieties】 Sanfinity

・Attraction Town Bastion
【Period】 Late July to early August (tentative)
【Varieties】 Vincent’s orange

【Official Web Site】 https://www.huistenbosch.co.jp/