【Sup! Nagoya!】 Dainagoya Building’s Christmas illumination features 100,000 lights & a tree whose light changes with the hour

Dainagoya Building in Nagoya will hold the “Dainagoya Christmas Illumination” from November 9 (Wed) to December 25 (Sun), 2022, mainly in the Sky Garden, a hanging garden.

Nagoya Birding Illumination to be held again this year

The Sky Garden, the hanging garden of Dainagoya Building, will be the center of a “White Gold Christmas” themed illumination. In addition to the spectacular illumination and the beautiful night view of Nagoya Station, Christmas decorations, limited edition sweets and gourmet foods, and other items will be on sale inside the building.

A Christmas tree whose light changes according to the time of day!

In 2021, about 150,000 people visited the Nagoya Building’s “Sky Garden” Christmas illumination. This year, 100,000 lights with a “white gold” theme and a Christmas tree in the sky will make their debut. The lights change according to the time of day, illuminating the urban hanging garden with fantastic light.

Christmas decorations inside the museum and a special photo spot

The museum will also feature white gold Christmas decorations throughout the building, including a flower clock and ceiling decorations. A cute giant bear photo spot will also be featured.

Limited Christmas sweets, gourmet foods and items also available

In addition, each store offers fashion goods in gorgeous colors and patterns, as well as items and sweets with exciting visuals, such as “Fruit Daifuku” from Kakuozan Fruit Daifuku Benzaiten and “Tarte Fraise” from La Maison En Soleil Tablle Patisserie. Restaurants will offer Christmas menus for a limited time only.

La Maison Ensoleutable Patisserie “Tarte Fraise” 6,480 yen


Dainagoya Christmas Illumination

【Event Period】 November 9 (Wed) – December 25 (Sun), 2022
【Location】 Dainagoya Building
【Address】 3-28-12 Meieki, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi

■ Sky Garden Christmas Illumination
【Hour】 11:00-23:00 (Lights on from 17:00)
【Location】 Sky Garden at 5th floor *Closed during stormy weather

■ Whole building Christmas decorations
【Location】 B1F Atrium, Dainagoya Marche, etc.

【Official Website】 https://dainagoyabuilding.com/article/skygarden/5766/