【Sup! Nagoya!】 Myoko-en, a long-established teahouse, and Kuririn, which specializes in chestnut mont blanc, collaborated to produce an autumn limited edition hojicha mont blanc for a limited time only!

The famous old-established teahouse Myoko-en has collaborated with chestnut Mont Blanc specialist Kuririn to create a new sweet called “Cha Senbon (Hojicha Mont Blanc),” which will be sold at its directly managed stores from September 1 (Thu.) to November 30 (Wed.), 2022.

“Hojicha Mont Blanc” by Myoko-en x Kuririn

The “Chestnut Senbon (Hojicha Mont Blanc)” is a popular sweet of Kuririn, which is made by wrapping cream of Japanese chestnuts produced in Kumamoto Prefecture in glutinous Gyuhi (rice flour), with the luxurious addition of Hojicha, the signature product of Myoko-en, a long-established teahouse in Nagoya. The popular sweet, which sold “about 10,000 units in three months,” will make a limited autumn reappearance in 2022.

Cha Senbon (hojicha mont blanc)” 2,300 yen (tax included)

The gorgeous visuals that evoke a Japanese flavor are also a key point. When you open the wood-grained box, you will find a generous amount of Japanese chestnut and hojicha cream.


Cha Senbon (hojicha mont blanc)” 2,300 yen (tax included)

【Sales Period】 Thursday, September 1, 2022 – Wednesday, November 30, 2022
【Store】 Each directly-managed store, “Myoko-en” online store